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Ok,this is weird. I was just driving down the highway with

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Ok,this is weird. I was just driving down the highway with my daughter and all the lines on the road were double. I asked my daughter if they were,she said pull over,so I did. Nothing else looks double. I closed my eyes for awhile,took off my glasses and waited. Opened them and the lines were still double. When I got home I looked at the boards on my deck to see if they looked double,no. I'm looking at any straight line I can find and nothing else is double. My jaw now hurts,butnthats stress. That's been happening on and off for awhile. Right before this happened,I was out in my garden weeding.
mysticdoc :

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mysticdoc :


mysticdoc :

Thanks for your question.

mysticdoc :

Double vision can be caused by the mini stroke commonly.

mysticdoc :

Hence, this should be taken seriously.

mysticdoc :

Do you have any other medical condition?

Customer: Don't like that
Customer: Thyroid,reflux,bladder
Customer: Migrains since age 10 under control with tomamax
Customer: Ur scaring me
mysticdoc :

any history of hypertension?

Customer: Should I go to the hoital?
mysticdoc :

do you have any headache now?

Customer: Is that high bloodressure
Customer: No
Customer: I do take a calcium channel blocker for what I call bass drums in my chest
Customer: I also take meds for anxiety and depression
mysticdoc :


mysticdoc :

See, double vision is not a normal finding.

mysticdoc :

This can be some times due to the migraine but you do not have any headaches.

Customer: My daughter just went to get my blood pressure machine
mysticdoc :

That is why, it is important to go to the ER to rule out any mini stroke.

mysticdoc :

I will suggest you to go to the hospital to be on the safe side.

Customer: I'm sure it's gonna be high though after what u just told me
Customer: Blood press is 126 over 82
mysticdoc :

ok that is normal.

mysticdoc :

But hard to say if BP was high during the episodes.

Customer: What will they do to rule it out
mysticdoc :

Neurological evaluation, check your blood sugar, kidney function, and a brain scan if needed.

Customer: Hello? Ru there?
Customer: So i should go then?
mysticdoc :

Yes I think so.

mysticdoc :

It is better to be on the safe side.

Customer: They won't think I'm crazy
mysticdoc :

You never experienced them and hence no work up done on this symptom.

mysticdoc :

no you are not.

mysticdoc :

Double vision is a known symptom for stroke and this should be ruled out

Customer: Ok thanks I'll go
mysticdoc :

Best wishes,

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