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I have had recurring boils in my groin (near penis base) for

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I have had recurring boils in my groin (near penis base) for more than a year now. I usually get them around once a month - mostly one at a time. They stay for around a week and when they drain it is usually blood.

STDs were ruled out through multiple tests.

Initially it was diagnosed as a sebaceous cyst and was removed using local anesthesia and a punch.

The boils continued and the derm said it was hydradenitis supparova.

I found out in January of this year that I am T2 Diabetic. My latest H1AC level from last week was 6.0.

Last week the doctor ordered another culture and the results are below -

Final Report:
Light growth Streptococcus species Streptococcus milleri Group
Sensitivities not performed.
Moderate growth Yeast, NOT Candida albicans
Light growth of: mixed skin flora isolated.

He has put me on a three month course of Doxycycline.

Please advise if this course of action is correct and if there is any hope for this to be cured.
Hi--are you using an antibacterial wash like Betadine or Hibiclens?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
No. I used to use Clyndamicine and also use Level 2000 as a body wash. I did not see any marked improvement from that.
OK--I suggest you wash all your skin with one of those at least three times a week. As for the doxycycline it should be effective but it would have been better if sensitivities were done to see what the most effective antibiotic is for the strep. I would also give you a three day course of oral Diflucan to cover the yeast
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks. Couple of questions please.

1. Can you please explain to me what you think the problem is? Also is this curable?
2. How do I ask my doctor to check the sensitivities? Will that offend him?
3. I had started doxycycline a few months ago as well but stopped it in a few weeks because it didn't seem to work. Will I now be resistant to it?

Well suppurativa hidradrenitis can be a long term problem and sometimes surgery is needed to excise a large area of tissue in the affected area. Part of the problem is the bacteria on your skin and you need to be vigilant with the antibiotic scrubs. Your body doesn't get resistant to antibiotics but if the doxycycline wasn't effective before, I'd prescribe you Augmentin or Levaquin
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