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Dr. Saha
Dr. Saha, Doctor (MD)
Category: Health
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Headache on and off for about 3 weeks now. mostly in the

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headache on and off for about 3 weeks now. mostly in the forehead and top of the head. heard about someone i know being diagnosed with brain tumor. been super paranoid about it, so had mri done, which was fine. i thought it should get better after it came back normal, but still have headaches and still think about that person. now, i am thinking that they may have missed something. when i drink, it goes away, but then comes back.
Dr. Saha : Hello,
Dr. Saha : Welcome to Just Answer.
Dr. Saha : Do you have any other symptom?
Dr. Saha : Is the headache getting worse?
Customer: no.
Customer: but, it comes and goes.
Customer: and it's really annoying.
Customer: and i am worried.
Dr. Saha : Do you have nausea or vomiting?
Customer: and every morning i wake up and check whether i have it or not
Customer: no
Dr. Saha : Do you have any past illness?
Customer: like what?
Dr. Saha : Sinusitis, anxiety state?
Customer: yes, to both
Dr. Saha : It is likely that those are causing your headache.
Dr. Saha : Did doctor prescribe any medicine?
Customer: no, i went before mri and have not seen them since.
Dr. Saha : Pain in the forehead area can occur from sinusitis.
Customer: what should they prescribe?
Customer: even if mri does not indicate that there is anything wrong with sinuses?
Dr. Saha : As your MRI has come normal, there should not be any tumor.
Customer: but, would mri show whether or not there is something wrong with sinuses?
Dr. Saha : MRI can show up signs of sinusitis.
Dr. Saha : If MRI does not show any sign of sinusitis then there can be anxiety, stress.
Dr. Saha : You should avoid anxiety & stress.
Customer: well, that is easier said than done.
Customer: any pointers on that?
Dr. Saha : Yes, you are right.
Dr. Saha : Doctor can prescribe medicine for anxiety.
Dr. Saha : You need to take follow up visit with doctor.
Customer: do, you think there is anything to worry about (besides anxiety, which can be super crippling) that is?
Customer: also, when i take advil, it does help - does that matter?
Dr. Saha : It does not matter if advil helps with the pain.
Dr. Saha : Advil is for treating the symptom.
Customer: what about the other question?
Customer: also, sometimes my eyes feel weird, but i blink and it's ok.
Customer: i am wearing contact lenses
Dr. Saha : Other symptoms can be nausea, vomiting, balance problem, weakness of one side, seizure or convulsion etc.
Dr. Saha : When have you got your eyes checked by doctor?
Dr. Saha : Eye strain can be a possible cause.
Dr. Saha : If you have not got it checked recently, then you can have a vision check.
Dr. Saha : My goal is to provide you with excellent service today.
Dr. Saha : If there’s anything else I can do, please let me know
Customer: so, do you think that there is something to worry about even with a real symp***** *****ke headache or not?
Dr. Saha : I do not think that you need to worry about brain tumor when your MRI has come normal.
Customer: so, what do i need to worry about?
Customer: also, my shoulders and my neck are tense.
Dr. Saha : Can you touch your chest with your chin?
Customer: yes
Customer: what does that mean or tell?
Dr. Saha : Then it is unlikely to be neck rigidity.
Dr. Saha : It is due to headache.
Customer: is this all connected then?
Dr. Saha : It can be related to stress, anxiety.
Customer: i am just concerned about possibility of anything horrible (not that stress is not horrible)
Dr. Saha : It does not seem to be horrible or serious problem.
Customer: quite frankly, i don't know what exactly i am looking for. i feel that i have a real symptom (headache) and it's annoying and does not go away, so it freaks me out and i think the circle starts again. ugh
Dr. Saha : Do you feel it on one or both sides of the fore head?
Customer: straight across forehead or on top. so, i guess it's both
Dr. Saha : Did you consult any neurologist?
Customer: why? is that relevant? bad?
Dr. Saha : I am just asking? Did neurologist advise MRI or your GP?
Customer: i went to gp and for my piece of mind they agreed
Dr. Saha : As the MRI has come normal, you should not worry about tumor. You can take a follow up visit with GP & he can prescribe medicines like anxiolytics, pain medicines.
Customer: ok.
Customer: thank you.
Customer: i think we belabored this point long enough
Dr. Saha : You are always welcome.
Dr. Saha : It’s been a pleasure working with you
Dr. Saha : Best wishes.
Customer: sorry, one more question.
Customer: how long can this thing last?
Dr. Saha : Headache can last long. If you do not worry much, it can get relieved soon.
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