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Dr. R. Bora
Dr. R. Bora, Doctor
Category: Health
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Experience:  14 years experience in the emergency room.
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I have a large growth above my penis about the size of a

Customer Question

I have a large growth above my penis about the size of a quarter. I noticed it about a year ago and it have only grown over time. It itches slightly but is not painful. I now have other small pimple sized bumps on my penis which also slightly itch. What could this be?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Robert Fernando replied 4 years ago.
Welcome here and thank you for your question.
I am Dr.Robert & will do whatever I can to help answer your questions.First I need a little more information-
Are you sexually active?
Do you have any other known medical illness?
Is there any discharge from the penis?
Have you undergone any tests?
I am waiting for your reply.
Kind Regards,
Dr. Robert
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
No, No, and No
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Relist: Answer quality.
I would like a refund
Expert:  Robert Fernando replied 4 years ago.
Hello Michael,
I have got your reply & due to some error it was unable to post.I am writing it again & will post you within 4 minutes.
Kind Regards,
Dr. Robert
Expert:  Robert Fernando replied 4 years ago.
Dear *****,
Thank you for providing quick additional info.
The symptoms you have described can be due to a condition called sebaceous cyst.Most often they present as a painless skin lump.Another possibility is of epidermoid cyst which is a cyst where the cyst sac forms from proliferation of epidermal cells within the dermis.
Because sebaceous cysts are generally harmless and cause no pain, they may require no treatment.Only if they become painful,there is need of antibiotic & anti inflammatory medication.
You may need following tests:
-Urine examination
-STD testing
These tests will be done to rule out the STD & other causes.
So the bot***** *****ne is most probably the cause of your symptoms is sebaceous cyst & as you do not have any pain,I do not think there is any need for treatment.
So for confirmation,I advice you to make an appointment with your doctor to confirm the exact diagnosis.
Hope this helped.
My goal is to provide you with excellent service – if you feel you have gotten anything less, please reply back.I am happy to address follow-up questions.
Thank you for your business!
Kind Regards,
Dr. Robert
Expert:  Robert Fernando replied 4 years ago.
Dear *****,
I have seen that you have rated my answer as bad service.
I am opting out & please let us know what exactly do you want to know so that other expert can help you accordingly.
Thank you.
Kind Regards,
Dr. Robert
Expert:  Dr. R. Bora replied 4 years ago.
Hello I am DR. BORA.

The other expert has opted out and the question is open for other experts to answer.

I would like to know:
1. How big is the growth above your penis? Is it felt under the skin or the skin is broken?

2. Is this growth similar to the pimple like bumps on your penis? What is the color?