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Dr. Saha
Dr. Saha, Doctor (MD)
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Red sores no pain or puss when touched or cleaned just itchy

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Red sores no pain or puss when touched or cleaned just itchy
Dr. Saha : Hello,
Dr. Saha : Welcome to Just Answer.
Dr. Saha : When did the sores develop?
Customer: A week or less
Dr. Saha : How many are there?
Customer: there was like 4 now there going away
Customer: there not cracking or scabbing just going away
Dr. Saha : In which part of the body?
Customer: vagina
Dr. Saha : How large are the sores?
Customer: my lips and theres two on my clit, there like red sores.. I looked up herpies and they dont look like them. Different sizes. The ones on my clitoris are small the ones on my lip are bigger but seem to be going away. I did shave with a dirty razor if its possible bacteria?
Dr. Saha : Did you take any medicine?
Customer: no
Dr. Saha : There can be a few possibilities.
Dr. Saha : When you are feeling only itching there can be an allergy.
Dr. Saha : Dermatitis.
Dr. Saha : A fungal infection is also possible.
Dr. Saha : Herpes symptoms can vary.
Customer: I went to the hospital last weekend and they gave me medicine and the next day I started to notice the bumps?
Dr. Saha : Often there are blisters with pain.
Customer: These are not blisters there tiny little sores. And it doesnt burn when I pee anymore, just itchy now.
Dr. Saha : Why did you go to hospital?
Customer: I had a anxiety attack.
Dr. Saha : Which medicine did you get there?
Customer: Im not sure, a muscle relxer for my lungs.
Customer: and an IVY
Customer: ALot happened that weekend, I had sex but it was protected. The days following I used a razor that I didnt know where it came from.. Ive noticed as I wash it more it gets better.
Dr. Saha : I would advise to get the spots checked by doctor. Meanwhile, you can apply antifungal creams like monistat.
Customer: okay.
Dr. Saha : You can take zyrtec for itching.
Dr. Saha : This would help with any allergy.
Dr. Saha : My goal is to provide you with excellent service today. If there’s anything else I can do, please let me know
Customer: Okay, well thank you. Ill visit a doctoro tomorrow.
Dr. Saha : You are always welcome.
Dr. Saha : If you are satisfied, please leave an excellent rating.Good luck.
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