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Dr. Brims
Dr. Brims, U.S. Licensed Physician
Category: Health
Satisfied Customers: 9616
Experience:  U.S. Licensed Physician, general surgery and internal medicine experience
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Hi, I have been experiencing a great amount of tenderness and

Customer Question

Hi, I have been experiencing a great amount of tenderness and sensitive like pain in and around my right knee. The pain does seem to be causing a little discomfort throughout my leg as well. I really would like to figure out what is going on, because I do not recall hitting it. It's probably been here for about 5 hours now. I'm worried it's something serious and would appreciate an answer. Thanks!
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Brims replied 4 years ago.

Dr Brims : Hello, welcome to Justanswer, I will try to assist you with your medical question, and any medical information you seek
Dr Brims : is there any swelling?
JACUSTOMER-pkuf7ucj- : I'm not sure, my boyfriend says it doesn't look swollen. The pain is just really confusing
Dr Brims : How bad is the pain on a scale of 1-10?
JACUSTOMER-pkuf7ucj- : 7
Dr Brims : Does any thing make the pain better OR worse?
JACUSTOMER-pkuf7ucj- : I tried putting cold ice, but it just became extremely sensitive. And just touching it makes it worse. If I don't touch or move it i don't feel as much
Dr Brims : Does it hurt to stand on it?
JACUSTOMER-pkuf7ucj- : No, but i just did and my veins seem to be more noticeable than my left leg
Dr Brims : Does it hurt to bend or straighten your knee?
JACUSTOMER-pkuf7ucj- : bend no, straighten some discomfprt
Dr Brims : Okay, this may be due to a strained muscle or ligament
Dr Brims : it should not be permanent
JACUSTOMER-pkuf7ucj- : I want to be more clear that the pain seems to be more on the surface than deeper
Dr Brims : ok
JACUSTOMER-pkuf7ucj- : like the slightest rub with my finger sesitizes it
Dr Brims : I see, then it may be an irritated nerve
JACUSTOMER-pkuf7ucj- : that's what i thought too. i did carry like 15 bags of groceries from the car, up the stairs to my apt all at once earlier. that's the only thing i could think of doing wrong
Dr Brims : I see, then it is likely nerve irritation
JACUSTOMER-pkuf7ucj- : what could i do for it?
Dr Brims : You may try stretching exercises
Dr Brims : Motrin may also help
JACUSTOMER-pkuf7ucj- : and that will relive the tenderness ans sensitivity to touch?
JACUSTOMER-pkuf7ucj- : is ibuprofen okay?
Dr Brims : It will likely help over the next 5 days and it is likely to subside
JACUSTOMER-pkuf7ucj- : what about ibuprofen/
Dr Brims : Ibuprofen is the same as motrin
JACUSTOMER-pkuf7ucj- : okay well thank you, XXXXX XXXXX o it right away.
Dr Brims : You're quite welcome
Dr Brims : If you have any questions in the future, you may request me by starting it with "Dr Brims"If you have no other questions on this topic, please remember to click a rating button prior to exiting the chat session
Dr Brims : Are you there?
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Expert:  Dr. Brims replied 4 years ago.
Were you able to see my replies in the chat session?
Expert:  Dr. Brims replied 4 years ago.
It seems you rated my service as bad, is there an aspect of your question I didn't answer?