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Over the last couple of weeks i have felt cold and going to

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over the last couple of weeks i have felt cold and going to bed with incontrolled shivering, Iam constantly thristy and more so in the last few day dont have much of an apetite. I have a sore throat and head ache also, I have periods where i have blurred vision and my limbs feel senstive and tickly. I suffer with Hayfever so at first i thought some of the symtoms were of that. any ideas
Hi--in addition to the thirst are you urinating more often than usual? Do you have any medical conditions or take any medications?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hi I am urinating more but not excessive amounts I have asthma I take hay fever tablets
OK. While I can't tell you exactly what's going on here, you definitely need to see a doctor about this as soon as possible. One possibility would be mononucleosis--a viral disease that takes up to six weeks to resolve and has no specific treatment except for rest, food and fluids, and ibuprofen. That said, this could be untreated diabetes or perhaps low thyroid, both of which need immediate evaluation and treatment. You could also have an electrolyte problem as in low potassium and/or magnesium levels. The point here is, this has gone on too long for you just to try to take care of it by yourself, so please see a doctor today
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