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Severely chapped lower lip, had surgery also, need help?

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I have suffered from an extremely severely chapped lower lip for over 5 years. I even had surgery to remove the lower lip skin & had the inside membrane from this lip pulled out & sewed in place, hoping to eliminate the problem. But, I still have the same exact problem yet! Any ideas to help me with this problem?


Welcome and thank you for your quesiton.

When did you get the surgery? When did the dryness of the lip recur after the surgery?

Do you have any dryness of the eyes?

What medicines are you on now?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I had the surgery 6 mos ago, & never had any improvement at all!! I am a diabetic, but not a severe one, as I control it by diet & exercise .
I have no problem with dry eyes. My MD is as upset as even after the surgery there has been NO improvement.

There is still dead skin on my lips constantly.


Thank you for the reply.

The problem with the lips is that they do not contain glands like sweat glands and sebaceous glands - both these glands in other parts of the body keep the skin moist and supple. So moisture to the lips need to be brought in by the blood vessels. Even minor dehydration can result in chapping.

The skin on the lips is also very thin, more so in the older age group. This can also result in dryness and chapping.

The skin on the inner side of the lips do, however contain some amount of sebaceous glands and so, the surgery to your lips should have had some positive result.

It is likely that you may have a deficiency of the vitamin b complex or iron levels - both can cause inflammation and dryness of the lips. Stomatitis is a condition which results from deficiency of Vitamin B.

Conditions like Sjogren's syndrome, xerosis, allergic reaction to food or cosmetics, drooling of saliva due to lax facial muscles - are all causes for dry chapped skin.

I am sure that you have tried many lip balms. Please ask your doctor to prescribe a lip ointment containing urea- a very strong moisturiser.

Please ask for a test to rule out these conditions.

I hope this helps.

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