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I had my appendix removed in Feb this year and ever since I

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I had my appendix removed in Feb this year and ever since I have had a lot of trouble with the wounds, they have been infected for a long time and taking a long time to heal. Also the nurse has had to remove some sutures that came to the surface in all three wounds.

I still have pain where my appendix was, this is a constant pain which is treated with painkillers and when pressed is much worse. I have been sent back to the consultant who carried out the operation and it was his colleague I saw, he pressed about, I told him that it was sore when he was pressing where my appendix was and also down towards my pelvis. He said that he was happy with the examination of my abdomen and there are no signs of the wounds being infected now, I explained that this is because I have had 7 courses of antibiotics from my GP and I was still taking them when I went to see him. He didn't seem concerned and was dismissive of my concerns. He said that he would take blood and arrange a ultra sound. I have not heard anything back from the blood tests and this was two weeks ago.

I am still getting the pains I previously explained and I have noticed this I worse when I need to poo, and if it is a bit bigger and harder it feels like something is pulling or stretching where my appendix was which makes me stop pushing a little harder.

Surely this cant be normal? can anyone advise me what to do?
Thank you for your question:

No this is not normal. The wound infections may have caused additional scar tissue or adhesions (bands of scar tissue that can cause kinks in the intestines). I assume (or should I say hope) that the results of the ultrasound and blood tests were not significant or you would likely have heard from the consultant.

I would suggest contacting your GP this week to have them contact the consultant regarding these tests results. You should speak to your GP about referring your for a 2nd opinion.
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