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Dr. Brims
Dr. Brims, U.S. Licensed Physician
Category: Health
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Experience:  U.S. Licensed Physician, general surgery and internal medicine experience
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My husband and I slept on an infected mattress for 3 months

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My husband and I slept on an infected mattress for 3 months last fall.
We stored it uncovered for 3 months in a rental storage unit. I felt crawling
sensations right away but I thought it was nothing. Then after about a month
I noticed crawling sensations in my vaginal area. After a few weeks it was a
crawling and biting sensation; not itching. My family physician didn't believe me.
She referred me to a psychiatrist. The crawling and biting continued after they
prescribed abilify. I was able to get some relief from permethrin cream I was able
to get from a clinic. I have tried a new family physician but she doesn't seem to
believe me either. My husband is experiencing the same sensations but less severe.
Now these invisible parasites are in my nose, eyes and ears. I also have tinnitus and its hard to sleep. They seem to be worse at night and 3 out of 7 days a week as if it is a life cycle. Why don't my drs. believe me? Where do I go for real help?
Dr Brims :

Hello, welcome to Justanswer, I will try to assist you with your medical question, and any medical information you seek

Dr Brims :

I'm sorry to hear about this

Dr Brims :

Have you had any tests?

Customer: All sorts of blood tests and feces test; none gave them into that indicated a parasitic infestation
Dr Brims :

Where is the itching right now?

Customer: No itching; more random stings and bites all over my body but primarily toes, fingers, I side ears and nose and occasionally in my eyes. My joints hurt off and on especially in finger and toes; I have shaved my pubic hair but still get stingas and some crawling
Dr Brims :

Have they done a skin biopsy?

Customer: No. My skin shows no irritation; just tiny red dots starting to appear everywhere. Sometimes I think they are under my skin; other times I have seen various stages like a tiny hard white egg, tiny black dots ( adult stage)
Dr Brims :

Has it been examined under a microscope?

Customer: I offered samples to the psychiatrists and the dermatology dept. These were clear tiny samples I picked from various locations on my body. They said it was inconclusive and gave me a 3 day prescription of Albenza which did not help
Dr Brims :

Have you tried neurontin?

Customer: I'm worried because now I'm getting headaches and strong ear ringing; afraid it is progressing
Customer: No I have not tried neurontin.... Is it a anti parasitic? I have tried Stromectol which didn't work either
Dr Brims :

Ask your doctor to try you on neurontin, it may help the feelings you have,the feeling may be from irritated nerves

Customer: I was thinking that but my husband has similar can we both have nerve issues?
Dr Brims :

Has he also had a skin biopsy?

Dr Brims :

Does he have any skin symptoms?

Customer: No he won't go with me; he is embarrassed and afraid they will think he's crazy too.
Customer: Nothing visible... Just the same random stings, bites, on his face and body
Dr Brims :

Okay, then it is best to take it step by step, and address your symptoms first, and they should examine your skin with a biopsy

Customer: When it is so random... Where should they biopsy? In my ears? Nose? Vaginal area?
Dr Brims :

They can biopsy the area that has bumps or shows symptoms

Customer: Unfortunately only those small red spots appear, the bright red spots that appear to have blood under them. What do you recommend using to get some relief if only temporary?
Dr Brims :

Have you tried cortisone cream?

Customer: Yes I have. Only permethrin cream 10% relieves symptoms and drs. don't like me to use it as it will lose its effectiveness
Dr Brims :

I see, have they examined your skin under a microscope?

Customer: No. Neither the dermatologists offered to do that nor either of my family physicians.
Dr Brims :

I see, then you may have to see another dermatologist to do this, ask them when the bumps or spots are visible, and explain to them that only permethrin cream helps

Customer: May I ask why this is so hard to get help for? This was a well known University Hospital; do I need to keep trying drs. Until one believes me?
Dr Brims :

It is hard because the symptoms are vague and hard to diagnose, unfortunately you may have to try more doctors

Dr Brims :

Are you there?

Customer: I try to remain calm. I have been healthy all if my life. Until this. It doesn't seem vague to me. It affects my life every day.
Dr Brims :

When I said vague I mean they are hard to diagnose

Dr Brims :

I am sorry to hear how this affects you

Customer: Ok. I see. I read of super lice; extremely resistant. I try not go read too much on the Internet but I don't know where to turn when drs. think it is psychological. I would think more family physicians are running into this. We are both highly educated professionals with good insurance. This baffles us.
Dr Brims :

I understand, this is why they need to examine it under a microscope

Dr Brims :

Or take scrapings, it needs a definite diagnosis for proper treatment, and these are the best 2 options

Dr Brims :

Does this explanation make sense to you?

Dr Brims :

Are you there?

Dr Brims :

If you can see my replies please respond so I don't think it is a system problem and log off while you are still here

Customer: Just last week I showed the samples to the new internal medicine dr. She said to just hold into them. I asked if she would get them checked under a microscope and she still did not offer to do that. And made another appt. for mid June. So many days between appts. This is what drives people to seek out anyone who may offer done kind of relief; dealing with it from August to May seems absurd in today's modern world of medicine.
Customer: Sorry it takes so long to respond. I understand what you are saying.
Dr Brims :

I understand and I empathize with you, I am trying to help offer solutions to get to the bottom of this

Customer: I know you are and I appreciate it. So would you recommend trying an ER in another hospital?
Dr Brims :

Yes, I would recommend trying another hospital or dermatologist

Customer: And then ask for skin scrapings, skin biopsies?
Dr Brims :

Yes, those are the best options moving forward

Customer: I have tried to move forward and keep getting stuck! I will take your advice.
Dr Brims :

That is best, ***** ***** it must be hard, try to stay patient

Customer: Thank you
Dr Brims :

You're quite welcome

Dr Brims :

If you still have questions on this topic please feel free to ask

Customer: We are even afraid to have sex for fear we are " spreading" it to one another. So do you think we should abstain or not?
Dr Brims :

I honestly don't think you will spread it to each other, I don't think you need to abstain

Customer: Ok. I have no further questions so will move forward with your suggestions.
Dr Brims :

Okay, if you have questions in the future you may request me by starting the question with "Dr Brims"

Dr Brims :

If you have no other questions, please remember to click a rating button prior to exiting the chat session

Customer: Ok I will. Take care.
Dr Brims :

Same to you

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