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Anthony Bray, MD
Anthony Bray, MD, Doctor
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A friend's 16 year old son has had something that looks like

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A friend's 16 year old son has had something that looks like a skin tag on his ankle for 2 days. It's not really painful except when something rubs it, or when his mother tried to pull it out, thinking it was a tick. But it is the same color as his skin. I attempted also to pull it out, but it doesn't move, and I didn't see any edge, like it was a separate body. There is no redness or swelling around it. He can't get in to see the doc until Monday. Is it safe, if it is a tick? It looks a little like a wart, but it is smooth, not cauliflowerlike, and was not there 2 days ago. We wondered if it was a swelling from a sliver, so poked it gently with a sterilized needle, but I didn't want to puncture it in case it was actually a tick. But I mostly think of ticks as darker. Can they be light skin colored? There is just one. We cleaned it with hibiclens and also alcohol and covered it with neosporin and a bandaid until he can see his doc. I advised him to watch for it increasing in size, as if a tick is engorging, any swelling, redness, streaking, etc. Does this sound like a tick and if so can it wait until Monday? I could not remove it.
Anthony Bray MD : Hello!
Anthony Bray MD : I would not think that this is a tick since you have tried and not been able to remove it and that it is light skin colored...
Anthony Bray MD : These factors do not sound consistent with a tick....

What do you think it could be then? And what is your recommendation?

Anthony Bray MD : your description sounds more almond the lines of a skin tag perhaps--- I can't diagnose exactly what this is without the benefit if direct exam however...

Can a skin tag develop overnight like that?

Anthony Bray MD : I think he should be fine to wait and see his doctor on Monday...

Thank you very much. That relieves me.

Anthony Bray MD : I think it possible that it may have been developing longer but only NOTICED recently... This is a common thing with skin lesions...
Anthony Bray MD : Just keep watch in it over weekend and avoid further intervention...
Anthony Bray MD : watch for problems such as infection... Otherwise it should be fine to have this checked on Monday!

Thank you so much. They will keep an eye on it. I just spoke with the father, and he is relieved also. Thanks for your help.

Anthony Bray MD : I hope that this is helpful for you! Let me know if you have further question!

Yes, it was.

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