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If someone is on a diet, are either any of the following

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If someone is on a diet, are either any of the following foods O.K. to eat on a daily basis: The Bean Burrito from Taco Ball (about 370 calories) The Black Bean Burrito from Taco Bell (about 410 calories) A footlong Oven Roasted Chicken Sandwich from Subway (about 650 calories) A footlong Ham Sandwich from Subway (about 580 calories) A footlong Turkey Breast Sandwich from Subway (about 566 calories) A footlong Turkey Breast & Ham Sandwich from Subway (about 580 calories) A footlong Roast Beef Sandwich from Subway (about 580 calories) A footlong Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich from Subway (about 768 calories) A Weight Watchers TV Dinner of Chicken Carbonara (about 250 calories) or A Weight Watchers TV Dinner of Raviolis (about 285 calories) Thank you.


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The last two from Weight Watchers are really good choices for someone trying to lose weight.

The Taco Bell options would be second choice.

No one (dieting or not) needs to eat a 12" sub. If a sub sandwich is the only option, go for the lowest calorie ones, skip the mayo and oil dressings, the side of chips, the sugar-sweetened beverage, and only eat half of it. A side salad can help fill you up if you have been accustomed to a heavier lunch.

The problem with all the sandwich offerings is that they don't offer vegetables. A handful of carrots and celery sticks, or a green veggie left over from dinner the night before would help round out the meal of what is basically meat, bread, and fat.

Ideally one would eat no more than 1/4 to 1/3 of their daily calories max at any given meal. Remember that you also need to leave some "wiggle-room" for fruit or other snacks between breakfast and lunch, between lunch and dinner, and between dinner and bedtime.

Hope this helps

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Instead of a side salad or vegetables or even for "wiggle-room" for snacks between breakfast and lunch and between lunch and dinner and between dinner and bedtime, is a Slimful bar, which is sold at Walgreens, with a glass of water good? Thank you.

It is basically fiber with no nutrition that you would get from vegetables. It fills you up, but so would the package it comes wrapped in, you just wouldn't want to eat the package.

It is filling and low in calories but it is the sort of thing one would tire of very quickly.

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