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In mid February this year I had symptoms of a normal cold.

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In mid February this year I had symptoms of a normal cold. Assuming in a week or so it would run its course and be done. Well it didn't, the first doctor put me on z pack 5 day when that did nothing it was Cefdinir 10 day.
No luck and I was getting worse. I've taken nasal sprays, decongestants, antibiotics and for 3wks they can't get my ears to unclog. It's miserable and affecting my daily routine. The doctors finally did a full blood work up yesterday and I have an appt with an ENT this Thursday. Will my ears eventually unclog and this congestion go away?


History of smoking,allergy?

What are the results of your bloodwork?

What is your occupation?

Phlegm at back of throat?

Dizziness,ringing in ears?



Pain in ears?

Muffled hearing?

Constant throat irritation and clearing?




Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank you. No history of smoking or allergies. Bloodwork was just taken yesterday they said the allergy portion would be about 2wks and other results perhaps first of next week.
I am in finance. Sit up to 8hrs a day in what some of us think are not clean air safe. I've been working at home 2wks but in office it's very cold, I'm under an air vent eyes burn.
No heartburn. I did have upset stomach Sunday but after drinking several glasses of Gatorade began to feel better.
Only dizziness was this morning which has subsided but there is pressure in that ear today. But pressure has been in both now for 3wks since they have been stopped up.
I did have a lot of coughing but they had me use a nebulizer which helped immensely.

Thanks for providing more information.

I understand your concern as you are suffering from last few weeks and it's now getting worse over the time.

Possible causes may include Sinusitis,Eustachian tube dysfunction which result in clogged ears,cough,stuffy nose.

It's good to see an ENT specialist for a clinical examination and further X-ray/CT scan of para nasal sinuses can be advised.

You shouldn't worry as your symptoms like clogged ears,congestion can be treated well.

You use a humidifier in your room.

At your current stage,ENT specialist can provide you better treatment.

Try nasal irrigation,saline gargles.

Hydrate yourself with plenty of fluids.


Get well soon.





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