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Hi, Im a 22 year old female and am experiencing neck pain

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Hi, I'm a 22 year old female and am experiencing neck pain along with pain shooting down my arm when I move it. Is this serious?


Associated neck stiffness,headache?

Numbness and tingling sensation in arm?

Since how long have you been suffering from?

Which arm is involved?

Are you taking any medications?

Any medical history?

What is your occupation?

Prolonged hours of computer,writing?


Customer: replied 4 years ago.


Associated neck stiffness,headache? I had a severe headache when it started 3 days ago but it's gone now.

Numbness and tingling sensation in arm? No

Since how long have you been suffering from? 3 days

Which arm is involved? Right Arm

Are you taking any medications? No

Any medical history? No

What is your occupation? Student.

Prolonged hours of computer,writing? No



Thanks for providing more information.

Well as you describe possible cause may include Cervical spondylosis.

(any condition that puts pressure on the nerves where they leave the spinal column which after passing from neck radiate to arms resulting in radiating pain.)

As you have headache so it can be cervicogenic in origin.

So you should undergo an MRI/X-Ray examination of the cervical spine ( AP and lateral views) and a clinical examination by either Orthopedist or Neurologist for further evaluation and management if your symptoms'll persist more than a week.

Do gentle massage with muscle relaxant ointment and apply warm compresses on neck .
Also take OTC Motrin.

Physical therapy,neck stretching exercises can be helpful in your case.

Avoid strenuous activities.



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