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Chris C.
Chris C., Nurse
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I recently had sex with sex worker. We had oral and vaginal

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I recently had sex with sex worker. We had oral and vaginal sex - both with a condom. No worries there. Afterwards, I took off the condom and masterbated myself. The sex worker provided some saliva which she kind of spit at me. My penis never entered her mouth. If I had some of her vaginal secretions on my hand or her saliva, should I be worried about a potential STI/STD? The head of my penis is very sensitive, so I never touch it while masterbating. I'm pretty sure that no fluids got on the head/inside my penis but should I get a test just in case?
medtech254 :

Hello! I will assist you today. Anytime you are involved in high risk behaviors such as what you describe you should get checked. However, the actual chances of getting an std with the scenario you describe is very low. The best thing is to get a test just for piece of mind though.

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