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Dr. German
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Can a 200 mg Advil and an 81 mg coated aspirin taken daily

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Can a 200 mg Advil and an 81 mg coated aspirin taken daily be harmful? Male, 175 lbs, senior, good health.
Welcome and thanks for your question , I am Dr. German and I look forward to helping you until you are satisfied the problem when you mix Advil with Aspirin specially low dose aspirin like you are taking is :

Number one ,if you are taking Aspirin to prevent the future development of clots and consequently heart attacks or stroke ,taking Advil will decrease Aspirin anticoagulant effect decreasing its preventive effect.


Number two , when you combine both medications specially on the long term basis, specially at you age ,it could increase the risk of developing gastritis, stomach or duodenal ulcers and gastrointestinal bleeding .

These are two main reasons why you should contact your Primary Care Physician if you decide to take both medications at the same time ,so he can monitor you closely in case you develop any potential side effects and adjust the drug dose you will be taking if it is necessary.

If you need any additional information I will be happy to continue further and assist you until you are completely satisfied . Good luck to you and have a good day !

When we finish our conversation if you like the answer ,please click accept so I can get credit for my work.

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