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I was doing a sweep of dirt dishes throughout the house and

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I was doing a sweep of dirt dishes throughout the house and found one I drank out of yesterday about 23 hours ago. I'm very picky about my dishes, so I wash them in the dishwasher (wish has been known to break a dish or two but however after they go through the dishwasher then I hand wash them and air dry stacked. Anyways the rim top if this glass was broken and I don't know how that got past me but I drank from it. Whether or not it had glass it in I'm not sure as I was taking my medicine and drenched it down. Any advice?

mysticdoc :

The views expressed by me are for educational purposes only and do not establish a doctor patient relationship.

mysticdoc :


mysticdoc :

Thanks for your question.

mysticdoc :

Do you have any stomach pain?

Customer: Had just small tummy ache yesterday but I'm not sure if that was before or after. No pain today.
mysticdoc :

Do you notice any blood in the stool or dark stool?

Customer: No
mysticdoc :


mysticdoc :

Then you are safe.

mysticdoc :

By this time you would have had these symptoms if you swallowed a glass piece.

Customer: But I don't know how long it takes to work through
mysticdoc :

within 6 hours

mysticdoc :

23 hours is plenty of time.

Customer: Ok, so even if I drank at midnight or as early as 6 hours ago and no pain? (I'm just worried if some pieces are laying around somewhere
mysticdoc :

still not concerning.

mysticdoc :

the pieces are so small --did not create any problem.

Customer: Does this ever happen? People accidentally eating ect?
mysticdoc :

yes common in fact

Customer: Does it ever cause fatalities, glass is one thing that terrifies me, Big piece is missing not sure where it went hopefully I didn't eat and hoping I didn't or don't get it in another glass unknowingly.
mysticdoc :

no fatalities with small pieces.

mysticdoc :

Hard to swallow big piece without knowledge.

Customer: So I'd know it even if I were swallowing a pill?
mysticdoc :

yes correct

Customer: What is considered small and large?
mysticdoc :

anything less than a cm is small.

Customer: What would show me that I had eaten
mysticdoc :

Xrays and CT scan only option.

Customer: How do you know you need one. You don't have to answer this if you don't want because this ismjust something thatnhas been on my mind and wanted a quick oppinion, but can there be abnormalities if you have an mra without contrasted, missed abnormalities that is? I just worry as I have pulsatile tinnitus and always worry I'm going to have an aneurysm or something
mysticdoc :

As I started the chat asking you about the symptoms, if you develop those symptoms then you will need one.

mysticdoc :

The other question is unrelated.

mysticdoc :

However, I wil answer in breif-- do not worry.

Customer: I have had MRI, mra, and carotid artery scan 4 years ago, 3 years ago MRI and mra without contrast, and mra 6-7 months ago, none without contrast
mysticdoc :

MRA is very sensitive --less than 1% chance it will miss anything serious.

Customer: Just one doc does with and net said you can't see mra without contrast and hospital did without and scares me
Customer: ENT that is doesn't belief you can see anything mra withhold
Customer: without contrast
Customer: So I still have pulsatile tinnitus and always scarsd
mysticdoc :

current studies show MRA without contrast is as good as with contrast with new techniques.

Customer: Great thanks so much. So with the incident with the glass that Already happened is there need to watch for symptoms?
mysticdoc :

There is no need.

mysticdoc :

You are 100% safe.

Customer: Great thanks, XXXXX XXXXX now guess I need to find where it went
mysticdoc :

very welcome

mysticdoc :

not inside your body.

mysticdoc :

so no worries

mysticdoc :

Best wishes,

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Customer: Will do
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