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A 61 year old man whom smokes and drives truck dr found

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A 61 year old man whom smokes and drives truck dr found blood in urine and certain blood the showed levels high.He sent him to an internal dr whom he would not let check his prostate.He was then sent to a dr whom specializeshe in internal organs and cancer this dr wants to do an exam where he has to go in through the penis man does not want this done but dr said it has to be.The symptons are blood in urine high blood pressure pain in lower back urinating several times in night bleeding from rectum and impotency.What could this be? They did rule out that the blood was not coming from the kidneys.Could this be serious?


As such symptoms like blood in urine,pain in lower back and urinating several times during night can be associated with urinary calculus or kidney stone.

In some cases blood in urine can be associated with enlarged prostate.

Probably they can check the prostate gland by ultrasound as well.

Even they wanted to do a test called cystoscopy but the patient refused.

Cystoscopy procedure usually takes 10 - 20 minutes.

The urethra is cleansed. A numbing medicine is applied to the skin lining the inside of the urethra, without using any needles.

The scope is then inserted through the urethra into the bladder.

Usually it causes mild discomfort for few hours however not painful.

For further details-

Even blood work like PSA,CBC,Renal function test should be advised.

If blood levels of PSA are high it is essential to rule out prostate cancer as well.

This can result in serious problems in the long run and such symptoms should not be ignored.

Also discuss his current condition with his Urologist as well.

Hope this helps.
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