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Subtle tingling feeling around the tip of my penis. Why?

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I have a subtle tingling feeling around the tip of my penis. It started roughly 24 hours after intercourse with a burning sensation at the tip that lasted a couple hours. It's now 5 days later. There are no rashes, bumps redness or discharge that I can tell. The tingling comes and goes. What do I do?


Was it unprotected sex?

Frequent urination?

Pain and burning sensation during urination?


Lower back pain?

Are you taking any medications?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It was oral sex and brief unprotected sex.

Frequency of urination may have slightly increased.

No pain or burning during urination.

Subtle burning sometimes after.

No itching or back pain.

No medications.

Probably the symptoms you describe may be associated with urethritis.

It can be caused due to Sexually Transmitted diseases like chlamydia, and gonorrhoea which should be ruled out in your case since you have a history of unprotected sex and the symptoms have started afterwards.
So you need to be seen by your regular doctor or visit genito-urinary medicine (GUM) clinic for a clinical examination and undergo Urinalysis, swab test to look for certain bacteria that can cause infection. Also in case pus cells are seen in the urine sample further urine culture may also be required.
And your doctor may further prescribe antibiotics like doxycycline.

Usually antibiotics are prescribed after the sample for culture has been taken.

I hope this helps.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Would this answer stay the same if samples came back negative?

This was the first sexual contact I've had in several months. I have never had this happen before.

If all the investigations are normal, chances are that these tingling sensation may not be related to infection.

Other causes of tingling may be related to anxiety, psychogenic causes.

But since there is a history of unprotected intercourse it is essential to rule out any associated UTI or STD.

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