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I need advice ASAP please! My 22 year odl daughter is

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I need advice ASAP please! My 22 year odl daughter is staying in a hostel located on a fairly isolated island off the coast of Chile, and is experiencing severe back pain, pain on urinating, and other symptoms of a UTI. Apparently this has been going on for several days but she was just trying to deal with it so as not to interrupt her trip. Her friend took her to a pharmacist tonight who gave her Nitrofurantoin which I believe is a UTI antiobiotic, and cranberry pills.  She recently has had a lot of trouble with yeast infections and other gynecological problems and is just getting over that as far as I know. My question is - do you think I should try to find a way to get her back to the closest major city, Santiago, right away? The only flight out is apparently not until Saturday morning. When my son had a serious illness in China, the American Embassy helped out - do you think it's to the point I should ask for help right away? Thank you so much for your help! As a Mom who is so far away and helpless, I am very worried.

Hi and I understand your concern here. My thought here is that this could be a kidney stone that she has yet to pass and after a few days if she's still having severe pain it may be stuck in the ureter and so it may need to be removed by a urologist or otherwise it could lead to a kidney infection and even kidney damage. Nitrofurantoin is a reasonable antibiotic for a standard bladder infection but not for a kidney infection if that's what she has now instead of a kidney stone. My suggestion is, with that much continuing pain, she does need to get to Santiago.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks so much for your speedy reply! So the degree of pain is important? I didn't really get a whole lot of detail on everything before I lost our skype connection. And I don't even know the name of the hostel she is in - sigh. If I can't reach her until tomorrow morning - if the antibiotic HAS helped her by then, would that mean it was just a bladder infection and not as serious as a kidney infection? But if I can reach her tonight, you suggest we should have her flown into Santiago, right? Thanks again!

If she's better soon then it could be a kidney infection and the antibiotic is working, but a common bladder infection doesn't cause severe back pain--a kidney infection (usually with a high fever) or a kidney stone would. So bot***** *****ne--if she's much better tomorrow, no need for Santiago
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yeah what did seem strange when I talked to her briefly is that she said she had no fever at all, and her urine and everything seemed normal except for the pain on urinating - but no discoloration, blood, etc.

Then if she's still having severe back pain, I'd go with the kidney stone. With plenty of hydration, these usually pass in two to three days but if the pain lasts beyond that, it needs to be evaluated
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Oh that makes me feel better I think!! Is there anything she should do to help with healing, etc. besides hydration? I don't know a thing about kidney stones.

Just plenty of fluids--there really isn't anything else you can do but that and hoping the stone passes
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

OK, thank you so much Dr. Chip!! I really do appreciate how fast you've tried to help me. I'll keep you posted!

My pleasure and please do keep me posted. And please remember to rate my service to you
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