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Anthony Bray, MD
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I went to the VA a d my blood pressure readings were 130/85

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I went to the VA a d my blood pressure readings were 130/85 lying down,139/87 sitting and 149/101 standing up . The nurse practitoner insisted that I am not dehydrated. Usually my blood pressure are good at 118/67 or similar. I walk more than a mile a day and am in good shape.
Anthony Bray MD : Hello!



also latest A1C test was normal

Anthony Bray MD : Well your BP readings at the doctor's office were a but high in general but the response from lying to standing was normal....

thought that 149/101 was high


am conerned that other bp readings were higher than my usual...

Anthony Bray MD : If you had been severely affected by dehydration at this time then you would see an abnormal DROP in BP from lying to standing along with an abnormal degree of rise in pulse rate....

Still remain dried out

Anthony Bray MD : yes these BP readings were high >> normal range is 100/60 to 135/85.... But it is common for patients to have some anxiety driven rise in BP in their BP in the doctor's office... For this reason it is BEST and more meaningful to check BP over many readings and look at the average....
Anthony Bray MD : I advise patients to check BP in seated position after ten minutes rest and track ten to fifteen readings and take the AVERAGE of these.... This becomes much more accurate estimate of your BP...

Someone suggested that a parasitical infection could cause dehyration also


Am drinking about 64 ozs of GatoradeG2 a day which helps

Anthony Bray MD : Your blood volume is not compromised but I could not rule out mild/ moderate dehydration from this alone....

how do you check blood volume??

Anthony Bray MD : So drink plenty of fluids.... 8 to 12 ounces every two hours while awake...
Anthony Bray MD : I am glad that your A1C was is important with your symptoms to rule out diabetes and a normal A1C would rule this out....

Can not see a dr. until the 29th of May

Anthony Bray MD : The check of the orthostatic BP change( change of BP and pulse with change in position IS ITSELF a check if your blood volume!!) so this was OK!!
Anthony Bray MD : your dry lips and thirst could relate to decrease saliva production which can be related to dehydration but may be due to other causes as well....

and the other causes??

Anthony Bray MD : Note--- do not worry that drinking water/fluids will increase your BP... This does not really adversely affect your BP... Rather the salt content of your diet affects your BP... So low sodium helps your BP to stay normal range ....
Anthony Bray MD : There are different conditions which may affect saliva production... Possible culprit could include Sjogren's disease which is an autoimmune disease which affects the saliva glands....
Anthony Bray MD : you might have some benefit to chew gum or try a sour candy to stimulate salivation.
Anthony Bray MD : You could further consult an ENT specialist if you feel that decreased saliva is an ongoing problem for you ...

OK I try to have a low sodium diet because my parrot eats off my plate and salt is bad for parrots as well

Anthony Bray MD : Well low sodium diet is healthy for us as well so that is good ....

currently there is no ENT specialist because he retired but they can outsource me...from the VA

Anthony Bray MD : Keep check on your BP average as I described...remember that the AVERAGE here is what is if particular importance and not a single reading so much... If it bumps up at times due to anxiety or stress then this is not so much the concern so long as the average is well controlled....

I walk a mile a day plus so usually my blood pressure is low

Anthony Bray MD : I see... Well as I said if the sense of dry mouth persists despite you drinking plenty then I would recommend that you get set up to consult an ENT specialist .... It may be that pushing fluids more and the gum/ hard candy trucks may alleviate this however ....

I hope so

Anthony Bray MD : I hope so too! Glad to hear that your blood pressure does well in general...
Anthony Bray MD : every 20 points systolic and 10 points diastolic ( bottom number) too high on BP increases risk of heart attack or stroke by double!!! So it is good for you that it normally is lowish....
Anthony Bray MD : Let me know if you have further questions! I will be happy to get back with you!

OK Thanks..

Anthony Bray MD : Best regards!
Anthony Bray MD : Anthony Bray MD
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