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Lump in throat. - 27 year old male - non-smoker (tried pot a

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Lump in throat.
- 27 year old male
- non-smoker (tried pot a few times)
- only occassional alcohol use (2-3 drinks a month)
- only 1 lifetime female sexual partner
- currently no health insurance due to job change
- history of sinus issues..
.. sphenoid sinus cyst - chronic daily right-sided head/facial(eye) pain for 2 years (2010-2012)
.. ENT has mentioned post-nasal drip
In June 2012 I went to my ENT due to:
- two months of left-sided mild throat/ear pain
- noticed a lump on left posterior pharyngeal wall just below tonsil and tongue line - hard to see due to location
After examination, mainly a scope through the nose, ENT says the lump appears to be a mucous retention cyst or mucocele (not sure which of these terms she used). She said she didnt see any other lumps down my throat. She also said something like the top of my nose was very red and the far back of my tongue was white. I think she prescribed an anti-fungal maybe fluconazole. At the time of this appointment I believe the pain was already subsiding and shortly after it fully went away for about 6 months.
In January 2013 the left-sided mild throat/ear pain returned and is current. It has varied day-by-day. Some days I dont notice it much and others it can be annoying at times. Currently its like the left side of the throat is just sensitive to cold water and such. The left ear is more the issue now. When it bothers me it feels like an irritated icth deep in the ear. It may bother me more later in the day.
I have also recently experienced some other chronic sinus issues (I do not feel acutely ill):
- lots of popping in my nose at times
- nose partially blocked upon waking - clears after being uprite (I have had this issue in the past)
- expelling a fair amount of post-nasal drip mucus (slightly yellow) from throat
I am worried about the lump again due to the return of this left-sided pain. I know I have previously seen an ENT with these symptoms, but I feel like I need a second opinion at this point. I have 3 photos for you to view (I have pointed out the lump and other things I notice): All of the information I have provided in case it is relevant to the etiology of this lump. And my main question is your opinion of this lump and if it could be a tumor(cancer). But if you could offer any other insights or advice I would appreciate it.


Are you currently taking any medicines?

Have you undergone any investigations so far?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
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asked a question that I already provided detailed information about


As per your description you need to be seen by your ENT specialist again as you are suffering from last few months(since January).

Possible differential diagnosis may include Sinusitis,Pharyngitis.

Even you have eustachian tube blockage which can result in intermittent popping sound in nose and pressure in ear.

Also as you have yellowish mucus so it indicates bacterial infection.

So you may require antibiotics as well.

Your doctor may also advise you X-ray of paranasal sinuses and throat culture for further evaluation.

I understand your worry about throat cancer however as per your pictures chances of tumor are less.

Even as you have no history of smoking,alcohol so usually these are contributing factors in tumor.

Most likely these are mucous cyst of the oral mucosa which are usually benign.

If you are still worrying then you should go for biopsy of suspected lump.

Hope this helps.
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