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Thank you for taking my question. First, a little

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Good morning. Thank you for taking my question. First, a little background....About 3 yrs ago I had surgery on my left hand for trigger finger. In Aug 2012, I had surgery on my right wrist for DeQuervains tendonosis(itus?) About 2 mos ago, I started experiencing the same pain in my left wrist. It is not constant yet, so I will deal with that later. present....during the night, I started having pain in my right ring finger when I bend it. It's a little swollen but is not painful to the touch. It is tender at the base of my finger and does have the catching feeling as trigger finger did. But my previous experience with trigger finger did not hurt at all for weeks. Not until it got to where I couldn't straighten it out without severe pain.
Is your opinion trigger finger? I am very troubled that my hands are so prone to problems. What could be the cause of that? Anything I can do or need to have looked at?


Thanks for your question.

Hope you are doing well.

Do you have neck stiffness?

History of trauma to finger?

Have you undergone any investigations so far?

History of Arthritis?

Are you taking any medicines?

Do you have swelling in wrist?

Numbness and tingling sensation in arm,finger?


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi. I will answer your questions in the order you asked them

1. I do have neck stiffness. I have disc buldges in my neck, one rather large. this was found 3-4 yrs ago when I was having severe pain in my right shoulder and numbness in my fingers. Saw a spine/neuro surgeon. Prescribed therapy. I have done two rounds of therapy

2. No trauma to fingers. My line of work for the past 6 yrs was warehouse....opening boxes, tieing knots, computer work but not for long periods of time. Repetitive work....I quit my job in Aug of last year, hoping that would be the end of my hand problems. Both of my surgeries were during that time.

3. No. Have not investigated further. When this was hurting during the night, I had decided I would call my dr first thing this morning. Since I've been up, I thought i'd wait till next week. Just to see what the day brings.

4. I assume I have arthritus. I have joint pain in other areas...mainly in both knees

5. As for meds, I've been taking Loratadine 10mg and Fluticasone nasal spray for maybe 3 mos. My condition is much improved so I haven't taken any this week. Occasional Ambien That's it.

6. No swelling in wrist. The finger that is hurting is a little puffy.

7. I have had tingling/numbness in my hands for a long time. This is an every night occurance.

Can all of this be tied to my disc bulges?

Thanks for providing more information.

As per your description,as you have pain in neck,wrist,ring finger so possible differential diagnosis may include Cervical spondylosis,Carpal tunnel syndrome,Tendonitis.

So you should make an appointment with your Orthopedist.

In the meantime you should take OTC Advil.

Also wear wrist splint at night.

Avoid bending at elbow.

Soak your fingers in warm water for 10 minutes twice a day for next 3-5 days.

Take proper rest.

Avoid computer use for prolonged hours.

Avoid activities that require you to keep your arm bent for long periods of time.
Avoid leaning on your elbow or putting pressure on the inside of your arm.

Keep your elbow straight at night when you are sleeping. This can be done by wrapping a towel around your straight elbow or wearing an elbow pad backwards.

Hope this helps.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your quick response

I will try your suggestions.

I definately had my elbow bent with added pressure for the past few days. My 6 mos old granddaughter was here for 5 days.

I will also read up on cervical spondylosis.

What does the soaking do for me?


Thanks for the follow-up.

Soaking in warm water helps in relieving swelling,inflammation,pain in finger.

So you should try it to get good results.

Also make an appointment with your doctor as well.

Hope this helps.
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