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I have been having trouble keeping food down....I then went

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I have been having trouble keeping food down....I then went on a bland diet that kind of helped but I still had tummy pain dr put me on a liquid diet....well the pain is worse now..... whether it is broth or just plain water it feel like I swallowed needles with it and as it travels it pricks me along the way the pain and prickly sensation is worse on my left side by rib then travels downward ....somebody help
Hi--are you saying that all your doctor did was to put you on a bland diet? How long has this been going on and tell me all you can about the stomach pain.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It started last year first I kept going to hospital for not being able to keep food down and sever pain ...after 6 months i tested positive for h-pylori...then I saw a gi dr who did exam to see any damage he stated I had gastritis ....and now this has been going on for a month they tested my pancreas and gall bladder...they sent me to a new GI dr and he wants me on a liquid diet for two weeks.....I have diabetes 2 and I am also anemic but so far two days on liquid pain is worse

OK--did you have a gastric emptying test to see if there's a problem with your stomach being too slow with emptying? Where exactly is the pain?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

no test he just said to be on a liquid diet and that should take care of pain ....but I am regular I have bowel movement two or three times a day around same time everyday...pain is left side by my rib feels like it is in the back then travels down same left side to front lower left

OK--I assume the test you referred to was an upper endoscopy? Did you also have colonoscopy?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

no colonoscopy

OK--all I can do here is give you my thoughts about what may be going on and how I would go about evaluating and treating it--will that help you?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

anything will help at this point

OK--since you're a diabetic there's a very good chance you have gastroparesis--slow stomach emptying. That takes a gastric emptying study to evaluate and it can be treated with medications like Reglan and erythromycin and if needed with a gastric pacemaker or with surgery. You may also have irritable bowel syndrome and that requires colonoscopy for diagnosis and it can be treated with Bentyl or Levsin. You need to ask your gastroenterologist to consider both of these conditions and to evaluate for them and treat them as necessary
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