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I was at a friends house and My 1yr 4 month old son got in

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I was at a friends house and My 1yr 4 month old son got in to my friends Rat Poison Baits. He may of not even ate one but I am not sure if he did. He said No when asked but he is 1yrs old. I checked his mouth as soon as I saw it and there was nothing in it and I also smelled his breath which also didn't smell like the stuff. I washed him in the bath just incase any got on him and Also gave him lots of water. It happened at 2 pm and is now 11 pm. The Poison control told me if he had just eaten one pellet which is smaller then a pea that he should be find. I'm only worried because they say online that the side effects take days of 2 weeks before showing up. I didn't know my friend had this stuff out my house is very child proof but I can't go to sleep because I am so worried about my child. He played and acted normal the whole day and ate and drink like normal. Like I said I noticed right away so he may have not even ate any of it just a worried parent. Do you think my baby is in danger and what should I do?


Firstly as you describe chances of ingesting rat poison bait in his case are less.

Even if he has consumed small amount just one pellet which is smaller than a pea so with such a small exposure, it would be VERY unlikely to have any affect on him whatsoever.
And, usually there would be some immediate symptoms like vomiting,diarrhea,bruising within few hours to 72 hours after ingestion.

So keep looking for any signs of bleeding or bruising or vomiting.

If the child is sleeping well and showing no signs of nausea , vomiting , avoiding to eat or drink milk , you should just follow a wait and watch approach.

If he develop any symptoms then visit ER.

I hope this helps.

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