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I just noticed that the area around my clitoris is -ish in

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Hello, I just noticed that the area around my clitoris is white-ish in color. This happened a few days ago. Actually 3 days ago to be exact. There are no itching, no pain, no swelling, no bumps, nothing. Just discoloration. I've read that it could be Lichen sclerosus, and/or a yeast infection. I've made a appointment with my physician but it's not for a few days. And I was hoping to get some information. I'm 19 years of age. No medical problems with my clitoris and or my vaginal area.
Hi--just to be sure this suddenly occurred just a few days ago? Any symptoms at all--itching, pain, discharge?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

At first there was some white discharge, kind of thick, little particles. But it was only on the first day. Then after it was just white, slimy discharge that I wash off, but it comes back later on.

OK--so are you saying that the whiteness around your clitoris is at least for a short time removed when you irrigate the area?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No, the skin is still white, yet there is also white color discharge. I read about a case like this earlier. They said it could be a dermatologist problem. But I'm not really sure.

OK I very much doubt that this is lichen sclerosis because it's normally seen in postmenopausal women and to have it begin around the clitoris exclusively would also be unusual. Sounds as though you do have a yeast infection and that can cause similar changes in the appearance of the vagina and clitoris. Also the simultaneous occurrence of LS and a yeast infection would also be very unusual. Obviously you need to have this looked at but I'm certain that once the yeast infection is treated your clitoral area will return to its normal appearance
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