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I had a baby just three months ago. I breast fed round the

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Hello. I had a baby just three months ago. I breast fed round the clock for first eight weeks. I was getting very dehydrated and with dropping hormone levels it depleted my appetite. So all that to say I have been weening. I saw a practitioner last week to get hormones balanced. She did a ton of blood work. My iron was 10 which was considered low but my red blood cell count was 17 and the range ended at 15 so it read as a little high. Wouldn't you know I had to search the internet which just caused a ton of fear. My practitioner said the high RBC could be explained by the low iron but to me that doesn't make sense after reading the internet. I understand the internet to say if you have low iron you should have low rbc not high. Please help put my mind at ease. All other blood work looked remarkable. Great liver, kidney, thyroid etc.

Welcome and thank you for your question.

While a low hemoglobin is usually associated with a low RBC count, in some cases, the RBC can be nornal or even higher.

The main function of the RBCs is to carry oxygen to the cells. In cases where the oxygen level is low, the body tends to produce higher numbers of RBC to try and increase the oxygen level.

When the hemoglobin level is low, this may be seen as a condition of hypoxia (low oxygen level) and the body may increase the RBC level to compensate. But the increase in te RBC level is not very high , as is seen in your case.

Please get a repeat CBC (complete blood count) after 3 months - you will probably see your RBC level coming back as normal.

I hope this helps.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok so in your expert opinion which I wont hold you accountable to, just need some reassurance as I am still balancing hormones and a bit anxious about my don't foresee i have a serious condition and my scenario is not abnormal? I am encouraged to hear you say "you will probably see my rbc coming back to normal" big sigh of relief. I tell ya, being an older mama and having a newborn, you worry about every little thing. ahhhh

in my opinion, once your hemoglobin increases 9 I assume uou are taking iron supplements now), the RBC level will stabilize . I don't think this is serious.

If the RBC level remains high even after the hemoglobin level has come back to normal, then you will need more detailed blood tests.
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