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I have been carrying my baby and rocking him to sleep from

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I have been carrying my baby and rocking him to sleep from the day he was born. He is probably about 14 lb now and for the past two days my left hand is hurting. the pain is continuous and starts from the shoulder till my elbow. Is this normal strain of muscle or something more serious like a ligament tear?

Welcome and thank you for your quesiton.

This is likely to be a muscular strain and not a ligament tear. It is possible that you pulled a muscle while carrying your baby. A ligament tear would occur onlky afte a sudden trauma or injury, the pain would also be more severe.

Resting your arm, ice packs, painkillers like ibuprofen and gentle exercises should help control the pain.

I hope this helps.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Usually how long will it take for the pain to subside?

With proper care, it should subside in about 4-5 days. if no treatment is taken , it can last longer, especially if the muscles are not rested - inflammation from the strain can linger for days.
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