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What about X-rays or test results of any imagery or scans.

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What about X-rays or test results of any imagery or scans. Are those available too?


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Images may or may not be stored with the office records. For instance, they may be at the hospital where the xray, MRI, CT, etc. was done. In that case your husband would need to make the request from the entity that performed the test. Fees for images can be higher than plain paper. Again, it varies by state.


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
My husband had a stroke and they haven't told me how big the brain damage was. I need to know the size-depth because its not any physical damage done rather it was a stroke in the non dominant side of his brain where sensativity personality motivation are at. He's changed so much, I need to see those images and the drs findings on them -I need to see where they say what extent of damage took place. This is what I want to see and learn about. Seems they only talk about signs n symptoms of physical issues and neglect to explain mental aspect of what happened.

I can only talk about this in generalities since I don't know the case and haven't the information available to all the specialists treating your husband.


Stokes cause brain tissue death due to lack of oxygen to areas of the brain depending on what vessels were occluded (blocked off). Personality changes are a common side effect. However, the personality changes aren't necessarily equivalent to the size/depth of the dead area. It isn't that simple. In some cases a death of tissue 0.1 mm in diameter can cause more personality change that one 10 mm in diameter.


I'm afraid that seeing the images won't give you much useful information since it takes years of specialized training to decipher the meanings. All you can go on is the information provided by the specialists who read the images and those who are treating him. I would suggest you contact the social worker at the hospital (if he is still there) and set up a meeting to discuss his current condition, prognosis, etc. This can even be done after he is discharged. Some hospitals have ombudsmen to intervene when patients and their families aren't being given sufficient information, or the information is presented in such a way that they can't understand it.


There is also the possibility that they cannot say how bad the damage was, and what the outcome will be. We understand a lot more about brain tissue death in the areas that control physical motion, than in the areas that control personality, etc. Rehabilitation after stroke can take 6-12 months before a true prognosis is known.


I would try to arrange a meeting with the physicians before embarking on a request for medical records and scans, most of which would be in language that the normal person doesn't understand any way. In a face-to-face meeting, you can actually ask them questions, and ask again and again until they put it in language that makes sense to you.


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