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Anthony Bray, MD
Anthony Bray, MD, Doctor
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Experience:  14 years as clinician in the field of Family Practice
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I have a small rash right below my stomach at the waste line

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I have a small rash right below my stomach at the waste line and around my pubic area. It looks like little spots and it first it almost resembled zits. After a few days now it looks more like chigger bites except that they aren't raised as much and don't itch as bad as chiggers.

It does itch a little though, but nothing terrible. I had a breakout of some kind about 4 days ago and when I saw the clinic they said I had hives which was an allergic reaction to something. She told me to take Zyrtec which helped with everything except for my pubic and waistline area.

Any Idea what this is? And if so is there anything I can get for it over the counter?

Anthony Bray MD : Hello!
Anthony Bray MD : Do you have bumps or small pustules at the hair follicles?? If so then this may be some follicular
Anthony Bray MD : folliculitis...sorry typo....
Anthony Bray MD : Is there any soreness to the remaining rash?
Anthony Bray MD : What range did your rash have initially?

Initially the rash was on my stomach, chest, shoulders, and upper back

Anthony Bray MD : your question seemed to indicate that the Zyrtec helped a lot but left this last component behind.... Is this accurate??

Yes that is correct


It is in an area that I had recently shaved so it might have something to do with that too?

Anthony Bray MD : OK so the vast majority of the rash has cleared--- does the remaining rash appear different??
Anthony Bray MD : You may have benefit with the Zytec as long as you have any itching. This is an excellent anti- histamine.....

Yeah it is different...the hives I had around the rest of my body was small and wasn't raised very much. What is remaining are circular almost bug bite looking


...and is covering most of where my pubic hair is


It itches less today than it did the previous 2 days as well

Anthony Bray MD : If you should have some folliculitis in the remaining area then this would be caused by bacteria in the hair follicles( pores) if this was the cause then it might be discrete bumps at the hair follicles and this would benefit from antibiotic treatment....
Anthony Bray MD : on the other hand the pubic area is dark, moist and often favors fungal type rashes....
Anthony Bray MD : if fungal then it may be more confluence with striking red appearance and satellite bumps separate above the main margin -- this would characterize a Candida dermatitis....
Anthony Bray MD : This type rash would remain more itching than sore in character....

I just googled a picture of folliculitis and it looks very similar


It isn't as severe as a lot of the pictures, but they look an awful lot like the same thing

Anthony Bray MD : ok then in this case I would suggest that you try the Neosporin for a few days and if folliculitis this would likely clear it up....
Anthony Bray MD : you may always see your doctor or dermatologist if the treatment is not quickly to your benefit....

Alright that works. Just apply it a couple times a day? If not a lot of progress I will probably go back in and get it checked out.

Anthony Bray MD : Your history with saying it looks similar to a folliculitis I think is reasonable evidence of this being at least your more probable cause....
Anthony Bray MD : in certain cases we can achieve best results with a combination of an oral plus topical antibiotic...
Anthony Bray MD : I think it reasonable for you to try the Neosporin first on this if you wish ( potential benefits of being cheaper and more convenient to you)

What would the oral medication be to go with that?

Anthony Bray MD : if you have problems with this approach clearing the rash by Monday then you would be advised to see your doctor or dermatologist for further evaluation and treatment.....
Anthony Bray MD : You may certainly elect to have it examined sooner if you prefer....
Anthony Bray MD : Oh-- there are several options that might be picked ---Keflex, Biaxin, are a couple of potential antibiotics that would cover most skin bacteria.....
Anthony Bray MD : often the topical prescription of Bactroban is used along with the oral antibiotic....
Anthony Bray MD : Yes I would apply the Neosporin twice a day and have it checked if not quickly improving for you!!

Ok thanks a bunch! I appreciate it!

Anthony Bray MD : I hope this helps! Let me know if you have further questions!
Anthony Bray, MD and other Health Specialists are ready to help you