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I need information about getting medicare part, recently

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I need information about getting medicare part B, recently turned 65, I have been approved for part A, can you give me any information on the best medicare part B plans

Welcome and thanks for your question, if you already qualify for medicare part A and you want to apply and sign up for medicare part B , You should call 1-***-***-**** or contact your local security office .

It will be easier this time because they already have all your information on file. You can use this link if you want to find the social security office closest to your area :

With medicare part B ,sometimes it is necessary to pay a premium ,they will tell you if you qualify to receive state help to pay for those premiums or if the money will be deducted from your social security ,civil service or railroad retirement check. Medicare part B does not cover everything ,it basically covers some preventive outpatient services like Lab tests ,screening tests including cardiovascular , colorectal cancer , diabetes and bone mass measurements . It covers chiropractic, ambulance ,emergency and ambulatory surgery fees . It also covers preventive vaccinations or flu shots , occupational and physical therapy services.

On the negative side ,it does not cover the routine doctor physical exams only the first visit to the the doctor , the medications people need to treat chronic medical conditions like high cholesterol or high blood pressure or the eyeglasses if you need them . It only covers the cost of one pair of glasses or standard frames post-cataract eye surgery .

If you can afford on some level private health insurance ,there is medicare Part C. The costs are lower than people pay on private insurance . It covers more things from routine doctor visits ,outpatient and hospital services . This is a more complete program specially for patients who have chronic medical conditions and need to consult a doctor on a regular/monthly basis . This program is more complete and offer more choices.

There is also medicare part D that covers drug costs . However , sometimes you will need to pay co-payments or deductibles drug costs . The amount you will pay is minimal in relation to what you would pay without this coverage .

If with any of these plans ,you can not afford the premiums ,co-payments or deductibles, you could also apply for medigap or medicare supplement insurance . This is a private health insurance regulated by the federal government .The costs are affordable and not pricy at all ,specially for older people and seniors . Medigap works specially when you go to the hospital ,have a big emergency or begins to experience a major illness suddenly that you did not expect and medicare does not cover the high cost of that disease or only covers a minimal part and you are left with these big bills , Medigap could help .

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