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I am writing a paper about respiratory syncytial virus (RSV)

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I am writing a paper about respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and I need 500 words about the following topics to help me get started. the population it affects is not pin point to one population so just base it off of the caucasian population. thank you.
• What methods are used to control the spread of the disease? Are there alternative methods used by the selected population for treatment? What is the effect of alternate treatments?
• What role do social and/or cultural influences play in the disease for a particular population? What are the effects of the populations’ beliefs and values have on treatment options?
• Identify community health promotion and wellness strategies to help prevent the disease.

The methods used to control the spread of the RSV are basically hand washing and disinfecting the hard surfaces . In hospitals , ICU neonatal visitors are usually screened and asked about recent respiratory infections ,infected babies should be isolated for some days and the nurses and doctors who take care of these patients should wear gloves,goggles and gowns . There is a drug called Palivizumab specially for children who have a weakened immune system to prevent the development of a serious RSV infection.

In mild infections, supportive care is all what you need. If the patient develops

fever,over the counter medication could be used like acetaminophen or ibuprofen.If the patient develops a concomitant bacterial infection , antibiotics will be prescribed .

In severe infections , hospital care will be necessary with intravenous fluids, supplemental oxygen,bronchodilators ,ribavirin,acetaminophen,gammaglobulin and/or antibiotics. Some patients develop respiratory complications or breathing difficulty, doctors use mechanical ventilation or breathing machines .

There have been multiple efforts to develop an effective RSV vaccine without success and research is still ongoing . Parental education is vital , parents should understand the importance of hand washing so other family members do not get infected.

In RSV infection , there are some factors including social ,cultural ,environmental and biologic ones that could play an influencing role to develop the infection.Children who have congenital heart disease,cystic fibrosis .lung disease, asthma ,atopy or a weakened immune system are more prone to develop serious or complicated RSV infections. Low socioeconomic status ,living in crowded conditions, bad hygiene practices,smoke pollution and having a major number of siblings could also increase the infectious risk . Breast feeding and good hygiene practices are protective factors.

Health promotion and wellness strategies could help to prevent or decrease the cases of RSV among the community . It is important to communicate what diseases could affect us and what mechanisms could be implemented to prevent or avoid them . Government should reinforce its infrastructure and strengthen its capacity with different programs to reach all society members including public health centers and the communication media like radio,television ,newspapers and internet .

Healthy health practices like exercising , healthy nutritional habits, eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, not smoking are a major part of this plan . Promoting good prenatal care so we can have healthier babies and educating our population in contraceptive measures ,proper hygiene practices and parenteral responsibility are extremely important .

Promoting good health and awareness tactics specially among the poor and disadvantage population and allocating resources properly reducing inequalities are absolutely indispensable. Detection strategies need to be established so any new cases are reported as soon as possible determining what patients will need to be isolated . Implementing community surveys periodically will also help to detect new cases and find new risk factors. All this information has to be communicated to policy makers ,government agencies and politicians to develop more effective health program strategies and increase medical research resources and funding to develop new treatments and vaccines to attack and eradicate the RSV virus.

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