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Scientifically speaking, is there really any such thing as

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Scientifically speaking, is there really any such thing as "Feminine Intuition?" That is, the supposed ability of human females to divine what is going on behind the scenes in the absence of factual evidence proving causation and in a manner more accurate than what human males can supposedly divine? Or is the notion of "Feminine Intuition" just a cleverly disguised name and notion to try to impart predictive validity on what is sheer opinion and conjecture but not necessarily fact as well as an excuse from sound explanation when the female's communications, logical, and/or analytical thinking skills may not be forthcoming? e.g. "Don't ask me to explain HOW or WHY I know...I just KNOW it! Call it my 'feminine intuition'...!"


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There is no proof positive evidence for feminine intuition. However, it has been studied without extensive concrete evidence one way or the other.

It is known that women are better encoders and decoders of non-verbal communication. That may help explain some of what goes under the term. Another thing is that women have higher levels of estrogen and also higher levels of dopamine in their brains than makes, and this could possibly have something to do with it.

While there is no direct and absolute proof that women have that certain something that men don't have, or how it works, the scientific community would be the last to explain it as "the female's communications, logical, and/or analytical thinking skills may not be forthcoming?" There is a phenomenon where some women do seem to be able to discern what some men cannot, and they do not have a way of explaining it. Of course, when men have this they call it a "gut feeling" rather than "male intuition."

The jury is still out on whether it exists or not, and if it does for the scientific explanation for it.

Best regards,


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

What would be an example of a female's encoding of non-verbal communication? And how does estrogen or dopamine enhance predictive or diagnostic capabilitiy?

Non-verbal communication is anything that doesn't involve language. We send out over 10,000 non-verbal cmmunications per minute. If you roll your eyes every time your wife asks you to take out the trash, she picks up on that cue, and that allows her to predict how you will react to other tasks she might consider asking you to do. Of course, that is over-simplified, but you get the idea. It's also how poker players "read" the non-verbal communication of the other players to predict whether they really have a good hand or are just bluffing.

Scientific research continues on exactly how various hormones, neurotransmitters, etc. influence non-verbal communication, and predictive ability. If the answer were known, I would be happy to share it with you.

Best regards,


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Then is the alleged correlation between estrogen / dopamine to higher levels of perception, diagnostic, or predictive capability your theory? Someone else's theory? Would this be pop psychology? Or is there any evidence correlating the two such that there is some scientific foundation to "feminine intuition" or even "gut feel", regardless of gender given that even males can have elevated levels of estrogen and/or dopamine?

No, it isn't pop psychology but real science, and certainly not my theory.

I think I've answered the rest of this. The jury is still out on exactly why some women have increased levels of perception and estrogen and dopamine are two of the scientific theories that psychoneuro researchers are working on. That is a whole field of science that has not yet found the answers.

Best regards,


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

So the takeaway here is that some scientific authority has measured human females as having higher levels of perception than men in some categories (encoding and decoding as an example), and the theory is that higher levels of estrogen and/or dopamine could be the causal agents although no such theory has been proven to date. Therefore, "feminine intuition" has still not been proven scientifically such that a female's perception should be taken as a proxy for causation.

Sorry if I stretched your patience in searching for a more precise answer. Or at least that was my "gut feel" based on your written responses (smiles.)