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Anthony Bray, MD
Anthony Bray, MD, Doctor
Category: Health
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Experience:  14 years as clinician in the field of Family Practice
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I just had a liver function test. My results are: GGT 181

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I just had a liver function test. My results are:

GGT 181 U/L (should be under 39 units)

GOT 61 U/L (should be under 31 units)

GPT 59 U/L (should be under 34 units)

My German doctor states that this means high metabolic liver function.

What can I do to lower this? Am I at deaths door?

I am 60 years old and over the past 6 months have gained 25 pounds. Also, I do like to drink wine. Should I give up wine completely?

Anthony Bray MD : Hello!

Hello back

Anthony Bray MD : Your degree of liver enzyme abnormality is MILD. ....

Thank goodness. The numbers look sooo big.

Anthony Bray MD : Your are not at death's door based on these results!!

Can this have something to do with my weight gain?

Anthony Bray MD : Still I would advise follow up on the results within 2 months and evaluation if potential causes if these remain elevated....

I will definitely do that. Thank you

Anthony Bray MD : How much wine/ alcohol do you drink??? ( honestly!!)
Anthony Bray MD : The alcohol could be a contributing factor.....

Honestly, over the past six months I can usually polish off one to two bottles an evening.

Anthony Bray MD : Yes it could relate to weight gain.... A condition known as fatty liver may cause inflammation of the liver as one possible cause....
Anthony Bray MD : often on recheck mild elevated liver enzymes may return to normal....
Anthony Bray MD : other cases may show progressive rise or persistent elevated levels of about the same degree....

Should I try to quit drinking wine entirely or can I go back to just one glass red wine in the evening?

Anthony Bray MD : ultrasound of the liver could detect fatty liver disease....

I think I will request and ultra sound if the numbers do not decrease in the next 2 months.

Anthony Bray MD : It would be OK to cut back to one glass per evening and recheck the enzymes..
Anthony Bray MD : Also avoid Tylenol/ acetaminophen as this can affect the liver.. Z
Anthony Bray MD : we would check for liver viral infections if elevation persisted( hepatitis B and C in particular )

I will definitely avoid those drugs. I think I have a plan. Thank you for your assistance.

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