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My daughter had a nasty stomach virus that began with a headache

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My daughter had a nasty stomach virus that began with a headache last Sunday. She had diarhea and headache Monday through Wednesday. Headache a little Thursday. No headache or any virus symptoms Friday or Saturday. This afternoon she complained of a slight headache that didnt last very long and resolved without any pain relievers. I should add she I due to get her period ina few days, and she has seasonal allergies (right now nose runny/stuffy, coughing) her doctor assured me that neurologically she was fine ( he did a pretty thorough examination) yet I am still bothered by the headache aspect. I read headaches become more common in this stage of life. Is this true? Should I be concerned? Can it be tail end if virus? Puberty? Allergies?
Hi--does she not usually get headaches? Where exactly did her head hurt?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Maybe one or two in the past but not normally. It is usually on the top of her head either side.... Sometimes in the front
OK--a headache with a viral gastroenteritis is not that uncommon. It also isn't uncommon around period time. If she checked out neurologically and doesn't have a high fever now and just a minor headache that has gone away, there really isn't anything for you to worry about here. Not meningitis, if that were your concern. I doubt she'll be plagued with any more headaches after now.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
thank you dr chip. Can this be the tailend of the virus? Today it resolved pretty quickly. I think in crazy terms of tumors?!?
She also has allergies. So at this point trust her dr and your opinion. Only be concerned if they become more frequent or more intense? My husband thinks I'm overreacting and says kids especially her age get headaches. I'd appreciate your answers to the previous questions.... Very much!
Yes, it's most likely just the tail end of the virus and headaches from brain tumors don't act like this--not mild and they don't come and go like hers did. Only if she begins to have more severe headaches and frequent ones should you be concerned, but, even then, 95% of headaches, although painful, are not dangerous as in aneurysms or brain tumors. Mothers tend to overreact when it comes to their kids but maybe overreact isn't the right word--let's say it's in your genetic makeup to worry.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
thanks so much dr chip. Last question is this something that might come and go for the next couple of days?
I think it's over with but if it does come back have the doctor take one more look at her--he should be able to tell then if an MRI of the brain would be in order just to cover the bases, but even then I'm sure it would be normal. If it hadn't been accompanied with the gastroenteritis, I'd be just a little more concerned, but, if she were my daughter, I wouldn't be losing sleep over this
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