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I'm strugglig with dizziness for the last 3 days. It started

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I'm strugglig with dizziness for the last 3 days. It started with a headache and everytime I moved my head to the right I would get dizzy but if I turned to the left it was fine. I was just diagnosised with allegy asmtha that we think is exercise related so I use an inhaler before I excercise-I also take singualar and claritin. I have high blood pressure so I'm on meds for that. My right side of my head/glands feel all swollen.
Hi--have you ever had this before? Any ear pain or stuffiness?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No - I have never suffered from dizziness before. I do have the stuffiness and I am prone to ear infections but it does not feel like a normal ear infection. My entire right side of my head is stuffy

Just one more question--tell me all you can about the headache please
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It started out feeling like a migraine but the advil took care of the biting pain. Now it is a dull ache that for the most part I can ignore. It is focused mainly on the back of my head near my neck and radiates up. Does that help?

Thanks. Well, obviously you're having an attack of vertigo and often these just last a few days at most. That said, it could indicate an ear infection or a sinus infection. The one thing that concerns me a little is its association with a headache and for that reason I suggest you have a doctor evaluate you to see if an MRI of the brain is indicated. Not meaning to scare you here but it's possible that this is a TIA--a threatened stroke--and for that reason I don't think you should just wait and see if it goes away on its own
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I was planning on calling my doctor in the morning. Is that soon enough?

That would be fine
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