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May 2012 - abnormal pap (ASCUS) June 11th 2012 - found out I

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May 2012 - abnormal pap (ASCUS)
June 11th 2012 - found out I was pregnant.
July 2012 - pap with my OBGYN. Came back normal.
February 2013 - delivered healthy baby boy. 2nd baby
March 2013 - had a pap at my 6 week check up. Just found out today it is ASCUS again. What does this mean??? I have to go for further testing :(
Hi--did your GYN discuss the ASCUS with you the first time and what further testing are you going to have?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
By the time I found out about the first abnormal pap I was already pregnant. Doctor thought it probably wasn't a big deal. Did another pap since I was pregnant and it came back fine. Then he said I'd have to have a pap after the baby comes and 6 months again after that. He said it would probably be normal at my 6 week pos partum check up but low and behold its abnormal again - ASCUS. Now I have to get a colposcopy.
OK--just one more question. Did he explain what ASCUS means?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Just that's its abnormal cells not cancer. Just something they want to keep an eye on and can be caused by many things other than cancer. What kind of things? Is it common after having a baby?
OK--and we can continue after this. The fact that one PAP was normal is a very good sign. Abnormal cells don't mean that it's cancer or is going to become cancer but it does need to be followed up with the colposcopy. The hormonal fluxes after you delivered probably caused it to recur. I think there's every reason to believe that the colposcopy will come back completely benign and that your future PAPs will be normal
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
That is reassuring. Is there anything about this that could affect my chances of having another baby?
Not at all--none of this should affect your ability to get pregnant again and carry to term and have another fine baby
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Ok last question - what about pregnancy or having a baby could cause ASCUS?
The hormonal flux, as I said, could cause it to recur. You just will need regular PAPs in the future--perhaps every six months for a while. ASCUS rarely becomes cancer, but, even if it does, that's caught very early on so it can be treated quickly and cured entirely. Please let me know how you do and don't forget to rate my service to you
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