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I'm 38 male, 158lbs, 5'7", I do drink alcohol but never

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I'm 38 male, 158lbs, 5'7", I do drink alcohol but never smoked. I was always very active all my life, cross country runner in high school and college...then I tore my ACL in 2007 and also had microfracture surgery and that didn't work so I'm unable to run for exercise. Had a couple kids, have a stressful job, house, wife, worries like everyone else but I certainly don't handle stress that well and have always been an anxious person. I've tried to exercise here an there for the past 4-6 years but nothing constant. I started playing floor hockey on Wednesday nights from 8-10pm and it's in a hot gym and I'm not in the shape I once was. Anyway, I've been playing for 8 weeks straight and I'm getting more and more in shape. Last night however I only had a small sandwich (pb&j) for dinner and I had to rush out for my sons soccer practice then I came home and had to get them ready for bed an rushed out to play hockey. I played all night and felt great. ..Except around 10pm, I was sitting on the bench for probably 4-5 minutes anxious to get back in one more time before we ended...I got back in but only for a minute and then we stopped... I stopped running and felt lightheaded then started feeling a bit dizzy and then it seemed like it started getting darker starting from the outside of my eyes to the inside of my eyes (if that makes any sense) and of course my anxiety kicked in because I dont' want to pass out. I have horrible allergies and my head has been congested for the past few weeks (going to allergist on 18th) so I sometimes just feel a bit dizzy when I move my head around just from the allergies. So, do you think I should be concerned or do you think it could have been a bit of dehydration and perhaps my blood sugar being a bit low added with the somewhat clogged head and throw in the anxiety (panic attack kind of feeling)? I'm going to get bloodwork done sooner than later. Long story short I didn't pass out and felt fine the rest of the night...oh it seemed like my head hurt a tad after the almost passing out but just for a minute. I drank some water during the game but not a ton...Thanks Jeff
Jeff--has this ever happened exactly like this before? How long did it last?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Nope...never passed out ever...during the course of the 8 weeks I sometimes feel a bit dizzy like I said but never in the game usually just on the bench when I sit there and it's so hot and my head it down. I have to admit that I went into this nervous about my knee, nervous about how in shape I am and it's a whole new experience so I don't feel that comfortable but I'm getting better and better and I felt great all night last night except for that one moment and I think I exerted myself more than ever as well. It lasted maybe 30 seconds...


OK--sounds like a vasovagal episode where your heart rate and blood pressure dropped a bit and some of it could have been from dehydration. I really don't think it was anything more serious than that but you should let your doctor know about it just so he can check you out.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Can allergies make you feel dizzy and lightheaded? I was also diagnosed with Mitral Valve Prolapse when I was 13 but doctors don't hear a murmur anymore when they listen to my heart so maybe that cleared up. I'm thinking of going to a cardiologist just to see.

Maybe a little dizzy with allergies but not light headed. Cardiac arrhythmias can cause the symptoms you had but I still don't think it was anything like that. Would be a good idea just to see the cardiologist about the MVP though
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