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I'm having a fluttering of upper left pectorial muscle.

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I'm having a fluttering of upper left pectorial muscle. Started a few weeks ago and since I have been doing some chest presses, home gym, that I started using in January. I just had a physical 2 weeks ago, cholesterol was very good, blood pressure OK, I do take a diuretic for blood pressure. Other than that just vitamins. I walk or ride a bike weekly. Rode 18 miles today. The twitching is not painful, I'm not short of breath, just very aggravating. I'm a 56 year old male.
Hi--is it only the pec an no other muscles? Just to be sure--you can see and feel the fluttering?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes, I can see and feel the fluttering in the same area, no other muscles. I had if for a while Sat morning, went away, I left Columbia SC and been on the road to Miami and now in Tampa, no issues until I did the chest press machine in hotel and within a minute the fluttering started, still going on now for about 30 minutes. I feel fine, just a little paranoid.

OK--this could be nothing more serious than a localized muscle fasciculation just like some people get the same thing with their eyelid, but it could represent either a magnesium deficiency or a low calcium level. I suggest you have your doctor check for those two just to make sure.
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