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Last night around midnight felt hungry.. Had some crackers

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Last night around midnight felt hungry.. Had some crackers cheese and peanut butter within minutes felt faint.. I've fainted before so I know all the symptoms.. I got my self to lay down quickly on the floor and stayed there for awhile. My phone was not near me so I couldn't move to call anyone.. All night I was pouring sweat slept with windows and fan literally in bed with me. But no fever got no sleep am still sweating no fever. I have been having on and off ear ache tooth ache site throat the past few days.. I just feel unwell.. I've been on ativan for 3 years and take 3.5mg a day. And the past week with that too been having on and off weird symptoms. Some nights really tired other waking up shakes dizzy ect.. But that's been on going the whole time with the ativan. Last night really scared me though.. The past week also have has severe back spasms. Called my doc today no appts till next week don't really know what to do.

Welcome to Just Answer.

What are your symptoms now?

Are you having throat & ear pain?

Thank you.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Sweating no fever stomach ache side pain on and off sore throat and ear ache comes and goes
On which side do you feel the pain?

Is there any tenderness on pressure?

How is the body temperature?

Do you have cough?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Left just sore.. My whole body has hurt bad since the Saturday before Easter. No cough that's severe but when I cough makes side hurt
Thank you Jamie, for the information.

From your symptoms it seems that you had syncopal attack .

Syncope is a temporary loss of consciousness due to transient loss of blood supply to the brain.

Symptoms are sensation of warmth, nausea, lightheadedness, sweating, blurring of vision, inability to stand, low pulse & blood pressure etc.

One of the common cause of syncope is vasovagal attack.

However there can be other causes like heart diseases , coughing spells, neurologic or lung problems , dehydration, emotional stress, exposure to heat etc.

So you need a physical examination along with tests if the doctor feels.

The pain on the side, sore throat, ear pain, sweating can be due to an infection.

Often it is viral infection, but bacterial can be there.

Fever may not be present.

I would suggest to take an examination in an urgent care.

Please take plenty of fluid to keep good hydration.

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Best Wishes.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks for your help!
You are always welcome.

Best wishes