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My urine was very cloudy for 3 days and smelled like sulfer.

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My urine was very cloudy for 3 days and smelled like sulfer. Day 5 I started to have lower back pain with extreme chills. Suspecting I might have a kidney infection I took the rest of an old prescription I had for Augmentin 875 mg. I had about 5 left. I took 2 for 2 days then 1 on day 3. By day 3 I felt better. Two days later (today) the pain is coming back and I have extreme chills again. I don't have a fever though..No nausea .... The crazy part is pre antibiotic the pain was really bad on the left side verses the right but now the right seems to be worse than the left. Would this suggest that its a kidney infection instead of stones since it seems to be affecting both kidneys? Please help.
Hi--did you or do you actually have a fever? Are you saying that now both sides of your back hurt but one is worse than the other? And have you ever had kidney stones before?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Are u getting my responses?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
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Expert did not get back with me with an answer.
I'm terribly sorry--my computer was briefly down. No--I didn't get your responses so could you please type them in again?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
No problem Dr. Chip! I don't have a fever but extreme chills, very bad lower back pain on both sides where my kidneys are. Pre antibiotic both kidneys hurt but the left seemed worse. Post taking 5 doses of Augmentin 875 mg after 2 days of no antibiotic symptoms are back, chills are extreme, still no fever but pain is slowing getting worse. I've never had kidney stones before but I was hospitalized in 2007 with an acute kidney infection.
OK--it isn't unheard of but very rare for someone to have bilateral kidney stones, and, for the most part, except for excruciating pain, they don't cause chills which I'm going to assume do equal a fever with you. This sounds for all the world like a true kidney infection and those can become bilateral. The Augmentin you took, even if it weren't expired and ineffective, wouldn't have been enough for something like a kidney infection which would take at least ten to fourteen days of antibiotics to clear. You need to see a doctor as soon as possible about this and get both a urinalysis and a urine culture and I would more likely consider an antibiotic like Levaquin for your situation.
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