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I have a non union fib and tib. I got droped along with a

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I have a non union fib and tib. I got droped along with a 1500# ***** bale. Broke fib in about twenty-five pieces. I've had three operations and a bone stimulater with no success. My question is can you live with a non union or should i have it cut off?
Hi--how extensive is the nonunion and are you able to put any weight on the leg? Has your doctor recommended amputation?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes one dr. has recommended amputation. But i can walk on it and stand on it. i wear a protective walking boot durning the day. i know longer take any pain pills.

OK--so the fracture is basically near your ankle?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes the only reason dr. vest did not cut it off at the time of the injury 15 months ago was cause my ankle was still in good shape

OK--not an easy question to give a specific answer to but I'll tell you what I would tell a patient of my own. When a problem with a leg gets to the point where it limits your life by limiting your mobility there comes a time when you have to ask yourself whether you'd rather be somewhat of a cripple forever or rather you'd like to be able to walk and run again, perhaps nearly as well as when you did before the injury. I know it's not easy at all to make the decision to amputate, but with a below-knee amputation and the marvelous advances they're making with prostheses, there's very good reason to predict that you could be back to the kind of mobility where others wouldn't even know you had had an amputation unless they saw your bare leg. I think at this point there isn't much reason to think that your fracture is going to get any better and if this were me, I'd most likely opt for the amputation
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