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I take 20mg Lisinopril twice daily (morning and night). My

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I take 20mg Lisinopril twice daily (morning and night). My blood pressure still runs about 140/90. 10 weeks ago I started CoQ10 (200mg / day) and Garlic (2000mg / day) trying to help lower the blood pressure. It doesn't seem to help very much.

At one point I was taking Pindolol as well, (10mg twice daily), but that did nothing as well.

Is there any evidence that increasing the CoQ10 or Garlic may decrease the pressure?

Should I consult my doctor about a different medicine besides Lisinopril?

What should I do to lower and control my blood pressure?
Hi--just to check--have you ever been on a diuretic like HCTZ or Lasix and have you limited your salt intake?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No - no diuretic, only the pindolol. I do have moderate anxiety that I try to control with vitamins and herbs. They help with the anxiety, but now wonder if they could elevate the blood pressure.

What herbs?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Here is what I take daily:


Red Yeast Rice - 1800 mg daily

Gaba-Plus - 300mg


St Johns Wort - 300mg


Omega Fish Oil - 2000mg


CoQ10 - 200mg


Garlic - 2000mg


5-HTP - 200mg

OK--potentiall the St John's Wort could raise your blood pressure. I'm also worried about combining that with % HTP--together they can cause serotonin syndrome and definitely together they could elevate blood pressure. I suggest you discuss with your doctor about not taking both. As for your hypertension now, I would add HCTZ--a mild diuretic--to the Lisinopril and that should drop you down into the favorable 120's/80's range
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