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My sister is dying of 4 stage liver failure and not sure how

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my sister is dying of 4 stage liver failure and not sure how long she has,,,i usually dont get panic attacks but am now since she was admitted on the 28..can you help
Hi--sorry to here about your sister but how may I help you here?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

is there something that helps people going thru this that can be taken only through this time....medicine wise.?

OK--tell me more about your attacks and how long they last
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

well usually of course it starts when i hear bad news from doctor and when i visit her in the icu and see all the things atached to her keeping her alive and alot of times at home as well when i start thinking about the seriuosness and reality of the situation.As far as how long it last ummm any where between a couple of min. to 30 min. Thanks- Heidi

OK Heidi. For one thing you could really benefit from grief therapy with a psychologist. Even though she isn't dead yet, you're already grieving. As for medication, I'd give you a low dose of Valium or Ativan just to be used when the attacks are strong. Talk to your doctor both about the therapy and the medication and with both you should be able to withstand the attacks
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