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Had a physical and met with a derm doc, had some thoughts.

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Had a physical and met with a derm doc, had some thoughts.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Well my by BP was apparently very good, lymph nodes were fine, reflexes were fine, eyes throat all fine. They drew blood but results wont be available until late this week or early next week.

The doc examined by tinea / lichin using a uv type of goggle/glasses to look for bacteria on my skin? I didnt get what he was doing completely but he said there's very little tinea left. He said the lichin is pretty much gone. He said the tinea was mainly in the creases of my thighs? He also weighed me and i came in at 189 at his scale and i told him my worries about the weight. However after i got home i weighed myself and i was 194.5 on my scale. I then went to the gym and weight myself there and i was aslo 194.5 on that scale. That kind of freaked me out that his scale said i was 189.

As part of blood work he is doing a thyroid test as well. I asked him if he could break out my lymphocyte count in the new blood tests and he said that wasnt necessary and that i seem healthy. Regarding the stools he said there might be a lack of bile in my stools caused by two conditions that i cant remember the names. I may seek a second opinion on stools though cuz this has been bothering me for years.

Tested my testicles, said they looked good.He had no answer for the saliva which he thought was odd. He also brought up maybe acid reflux as the cause but i dont feel like i have acid refux.

I saw the derm doc about 5 hours later and he acted like what i have left is not a big deal and not that i dont need an oral antifungal. He said i was 80% better but then i mentioned he said that two weeks ago and then he jokingly said ok 90% better. I asked if a biopsy should be done and he said no. He said to use cream for one more week and then to use powder only.

Anyways, regarding blood work, hope to get that by end of week.

OK--for the most part it sounds as though things went well. Do you feel better now? And the Wood's Lamp was to look for fugal infections, not bacteria
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Well I feel relieved that for the exterior body part of the examination, it seemed to go well and he didnt find anything related to STDs.

I guess we'll see what he says about the blood work when it comes back along with the thyroid test. I also asked him to do the autoimmune screening with sed rate, ANA, RF and C reactive protein you mentioned and he said it was unneccessary based on his examination of me?

Both the doc who did the physical and the derm doc both think what i have left of the tinea is not a big deal. The way they talk about it (very lightly as if it's nothing), I don't know if that makes me relieved or worried

Why don't you trust their opinions?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I trust it but if they had provided a little more detail on their answers i would have been more convinced. Because they are very knowledgable they just make everything seem like not a big deal

what didn't they answer or, better still, what questions didn't you ask?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Well I wish the doc would have done the lymphocyte (T cells?) breakout and autoimmune stuff you mentioned...the lack of a clear answer on saliva also still is bugging me.

But they agreed with me that it's probably reflux even if you don't think so. If your WBC is normal there is no need for checking T cells and I still think you should get the HIV screen because it seems obvious to me that no matter what your doctors say you're still going to worry about that
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yea I am still thinking about that but if it has been 3 years now between intercourse and it was protected...I dont know if i want to do that to my mind the waiting period to get results. It seems like doc found no signs of it externally which does give me comfort.

Well, what about what you're doing to your mind right now? Unless you can stop that we're talking dealing with that for a long time versus the three day wait to get the test results back.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yea that's's something to think about for sure. I would think about it a lot less if the tinea was completely gone

What do you think it is besides tinea and where did you get the idea that a persistent case of tinea means HIV?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Google! I almost hate google search for medical problems after this experience! Some sites in search results in google say people with HIV etc are prone to jock itch

I see. Well I have no doubt whatsoever that you aren't HIV negative for what it's worth. The autoimmune screen was just a suggestion since I can't examine you but I'd go with your doctor if he feels there's no need for that. But my gut feeling is that, even if the tinea disappeared tomorrow, that wouldn't stop your obsessing over the HIV thing so I suggest you just bite the bullet and get the screen--a few days of heightened anxiety versus possibly a lifetime of worry
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I will think about it for sure. Thanks for the advice. I do want to figure out this saliva thing though.