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The lady I am with currently says that I have a pungent body

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The lady I am with currently says that I have a pungent body smell. I've have never heard this before. Age 37. I workout, shower, use deodorant, brush, use mouthwash etc. I have to be in suits for work so lots of dry cleaning too. It's only been in recent months but it is apparently getting worse for her. I
Hi--has anyone else noticed this and have you noticed it? Do you have any medical conditions? Pungent as in a sweat like smell?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No sir. No one has ever told me this. I have never noticed it. I don't sweat a lot either. No medical conditions.

She could not describe it as a sweat like smell. She can only say that it is not like bad body odor. Just "how I smell". I dont' know if there is something dietary or topical I should try.

Does she smell it the minute you take a shower and dry off?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

She smells it whenever I have seen her. When I visit. No matter the cologne I have on or not. If I put on cologne she smells it. If I put on nothing and just shower and visit she smells it. I just pestered her for a better description.

She said there is a "sweet component to it. like an overripe sweet fruit. not like sweet smelling candy".

OK. This could be a sign of diabetes in you if the smell is sweet so you should get checked out for that. It may be just the composition of bacteria on your skin and for that I suggest washing with Hibiclens daily and taking two chlorophyll tablets with each meal and at bedtime. You might also consider a low fat diet in case this has something to do with your sweat glands
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