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I have gonorrhea in my penis. I can trace it to an incident

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I have gonorrhea in my penis. I can trace it to an incident 7 days ago. I have the burning sensation. The STD specialist I went to gave me Cefspan 100mg tablets with the instruction to take 1 after each meal. What I'm gathering from internet sources is that 100mg doses are meaningless and that a single 400mg dose is the best way to attack the thing. Is there any downside to my just taking 4 of these tablets at once? I have no experience with this drug and indeed can't remember the last time I was prescribed any kind of antibiotic.
medtech254 : Hello! I will be assisting you today.
medtech254 : It is best to take the tablets as prescribed at the lower dose over a period of time.
medtech254 : What this does is maintain a constant level of the antibiotic which is much more effective making sure all of the microorganisms are killed. This prevents the std from coming back even stronger.
medtech254 : With a high one time dosage you can kill most of the std organism. However, any that remain will multiply and be 3-4 times stronger. Some may even become resistant to the antibiotic.
medtech254 : Also
medtech254 : If you take high dose antibiotics you will kill non-target microorganisms that are needed by your body. This would include ones in the intestines, etc.
medtech254 : The high dose will kill them and cause sever diarrhea, cramping, etc.
medtech254 : This is the reason a low constant dosage is given.
medtech254 : It is effective and does not harm the other organisms so much.
medtech254 : Are you there?

Yes, and thank you. I will go forward as you advise.

medtech254 : You are very welcome! Please make sure to rate my answer today so I get credit and come back anytime should you need further information.
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