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Dr. Nash, how can a person tell if a fistula was created by

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Dr. Nash, how can a person tell if a fistula was created by a dr. or was formed naturally and how long does it take for a veso-vaginal fistula to form large enough to place 3 to 4 fingers through


Thanks for using Just Answer. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will do whatever I can to answer your question. I'm so glad you remember my colleague Dr. Nash, but he has not been with Just Answer in several years. I really miss him.


No one can tell for sure if the vesicovaginal fistula was a sequelae of the hysterectomy or if it developed on its own over the course of years without an examination. It can be certainly be a consequence of an open hysterectomy (a fairly common consequence), but it can also be from childbirth years ago, rape, conical biopsy of the cervix, pelvic floor radiation, or a number of other things. The surgeons who operated on you for the fistula the first time are the best to give you an opinion about the cause of the fistula, since they were the ones to see the tissue damage. Once there is a fistula repair, it isn't unusual to require more than one surgery to repair it.


I hope you are well on the mend again, and won't require any more interventions. It sounds like you've had a truly horrible time.


Kind regards,




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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I am a 41 year old, 40 @ the time of surgery, have never been pregnant had no previous surgerys, no bladder problems, and was diagnoses with a veso vaginal fistula in 1 month and have worn depends every day since the surgery. thats what i need to know is can they form large enough to put 3 fingers through in that short a period of time?

It's unlikely that a fistula would form in a month from natural causes. They are sometimes found after an open hysterectomy and some other medical procedures. However, the only ones who can tell you for sure are the surgeons who did the first repair.



Best regards,