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My 19yr old son, who is a fraternal twin, had a recent blood

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My 19yr old son, who is a fraternal twin, had a recent blood test which showed larger than normal red, blood cells. The hematologist recommended an abg test which Kevin took yesterday. The lady who took blood came back and said that the oxygen levels were normal. Today, my wife got a call from our medical provider wanting to get Kevin in for an ultrasound of his speen. He does not have any significant symptoms, is not a vegetarian, doesn't drink alcohol or take drugs or steroids but he did always like taking afternoon naps after coming home from basketball practice in high school. He was also on the track team and didn't seem to have any breathing issues. Any help would be appreciated.
Hi there and thank you for the question. I am a Registered Nurse and will be happy to help you today.
Do you what his levels were? (White blood cells, platelets, etc)?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

None of these results are known by us, just that the oxygen levels were normal. The abg test was done around 5:30pm yesterday evening.

Ok thanks for the reply back.

Larger than normal red blood cells (Macrocytosis) is usually found just as this....accidentally. Things like hypothyroidism or even a B12 deficiency is found when checked. I'm assuming he has no other medical conditions, so this may just be a matter of doing a little more testing to see what exactly is the cause. The reason for the spleen study is because the spleen is supposed to remove the membrane of the red blood cell during maturation of the RBC and it doesn't. Most times, the reason for a larger than normal RBC is Megablastic Anemia - and this is often times found more in childhood. Again, is is more likely associated with vitamin defiency and/or gastrointestinal disease. Most times, no complications arise from macrocytosis itself as an isolated finding. However, its identification can provide important information regarding the presence of an underlying disease - such as anemia. One can have Macrocytosis with or without all depends on what else is found in the blood work. Further investigation is needed to nail down the clinical significance of it and it sounds as they are doing just that.

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