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I am in extreme distress due to these attacks of extreme shortness

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I am in extreme distress due to these attacks of extreme shortness in breath, numbness, involantary movement of eyebrows and blocked sinuses. this all started during my use of Cipralex 20mg, however i tappered of the drug initially but completely quitted after reducing my dose to 5mg per day.

In the begining there were massive brain zaps, which have decreased now but not completely gone, my throat seems to keep filled always with infection, and at times my body simply gets numb, the pressure goes uptowards my head and I almost feel that I will pass out.

My GP has prescribed me antibiotic (leflox 500mg) Anti Allergy Xadine plus & steriod nasal drops i.e. betnisol.

Please tell me what happening to me and what should i do to get rid of these debilitating symptoms. I am not reverting to psychotropic drugs.

Dr. Saha :


Dr. Saha :

Welcome to Just Answer.

Dr. Saha :

Did you have any test?

Dr. Saha :

When did you start taking the antibiotic?

Dr. Saha :

How are you feeling with this treatment?

Dr. Saha :

You may be having difficulty in entering chat. I am changing to question & answer format.

Please reply to the above questions so that we can continue to discuss your problem.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Yes I had all medical tests ETT, ECG, ECHO , Thyroids, electrolytes & blood sugar test all of these are perfectly fine. I started the antibiotic treatment 4 days ago. There is a slight improvement but I have this constant fear of having another attack of shortness of breath, disorientation, confusion, dry mouth & heart sink.please tell me how can i purify myself from antidepressants side effects or after effects, I think seratonin in my head is coming down in my body and maybe thatswhy I am having all these complications?

When did you take last dose of Cipralex?


How frequently do you feel those symptoms?


When did you have those tests?


Did you have throat swab?


Did you consult any other doctor besides GP?



Customer: replied 4 years ago.
1)Almost 3 weeks ago.

2)Usually when I smoke and driving.

3) Electrolytes & ECG was taken very recently and other tests were taken in December. I consulted a Cardio specialist, he said my heart is perfectly fine.

4) I did not had a throat swab but Doctor examined it before prescribing me the medicine i mentioned earlier.

Thank you for the information,

Shortness of breath can occur in different conditions.

Lung diseases like bronchoconstriction as in asthma, COPD, pneumonia etc can cause it.

It can be due to heart diseases like angina or low blood supply to heart, heart failure, arrhythmia.

Anemia or low hemoglobin in the blood can produce shortness of breathing.

But you have all the tests & they have come normal.

You should not get worried.

In anxiety, stress, emotional instability there can be a feeling of shortness of breath.

There can be dryness of mouth, heart racing etc. in anxiety, stress.

I would suggest to consult a psychiatrist/ psychotherapist.

Psychotherapy like cognitive behavioral therapy can be helpful for you.

Medicine may not be necessary always.

You can reference this link for additional information on the topic.

You can also have a throat swab culture.

This would help to diagnose if there is an infection in the throat.

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